Strengthening the security of maritime operations

Strengthening the security of maritime operations

The purpose of this CDE SBRI themed call for proof-of-concept proposals is to reach out to all sectors for new solutions and new technology that can strengthen the security of maritime operation.

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Opportunity Details
Opportunity Title Strengthening the security of maritime operations
Buying Organisation MoD
Opportunity Method Notice Only
Opportunity Type Other supply chain (public sector)
Nature of Opportunity Services
Estimated contract value (GBP) Not disclosed
Important information This is a ‘Notice Only’ Opportunity. Do not respond to it on CompeteFor – instead follow the Buyer’s instructions below.
Description About the Opportunity:
The Royal Navy is the primary defender of our seas and overseas territories and ensures safe navigation, transport and trade in national and international waters. The security of trade and other maritime operations is critical to UK interests around the world but can be threatened by international crime, which is increasingly using the same waters for unlawful activity and movement of people and weapons.

Maritime Constabulary Operations and Maritime Security Operations are already utilising the full spectrum of tools available to Royal Navy platforms but our platforms are no longer the only targets for hostile action and such activity can be difficult to detect in some busy and congested waters. More effective tools are now needed to strengthen our response and reduce the risks to trade and shipping.

The purpose of this CDE SBRI themed call for proof-of-concept proposals is to reach out to all sectors for new solutions and new technology that can strengthen the security of maritime operations by improving:

• the determination of unlawful activity at sea by developing breakthroughs in the way that activity, such as piracy or the transportation of weapons, can be detected when unlawful craft and lawful craft, and some lawful activity, look very similar;

• the response to hostile activity at sea by developing new technology, and other solutions, that can provide a graduated range of non-destructive responses when interdicting craft that are carrying out unlawful activity; and,

• small arms accuracy at sea by developing new tools, such as effective training aids, that are representative of small arms operations on maritime platforms and can provide the feedback on marksmanship accuracy needed to develop performance.

About the buyer’s selection process:
The competition will launch at an event at on Thursday 24th January 2013. Potential applicants are strongly recommended to attend the seminar, registration is necessary via

The brief will be available after this event.

Open date: 24 January 2013

Close date: 25 February 2013



Phone number: 01235 438 445

About the buyer:
The Royal Navy and Royal Marines work with international partners to provide global maritime security on the high seas wherever our interests need protecting.

We in the UK are reliant on global trade for our prosperity. This means we have a vested interest in supporting international efforts to maintain good order at sea by delivering maritime security and preserving the free, safe and lawful use of the high seas.


• 80 per cent of International trade goes by sea, generating £230bn per year.

• 95 per cent of global trade passes through just nine vulnerable maritime chokepoints.

• There is international concern that the seas are being increasingly used for irregular activities undertaken by terrorists, pirates, criminals or insurgents. These include illicit trade, migration, trafficking (in people, drugs and contraband) and increasing levels of piracy.

• The Royal Navy helps maintain the integrity of the UK homeland and British Overseas Territories through military support to the government for counter terrorism, counter narcotics, fishery protection and the protection of offshore energy installations.

• In partnership with allies and coalition partners the Royal Navy maintains a presence in the Gulf to safeguard maritime trade.

• The Royal Navy works within NATO conducting Maritime Security patrols across the Mediterranean Sea (Op Active Endeavour).

• Operating with EU and NATO partners to defend shipping from piracy off the Horn of Africa (OP Atalanta (EU), OP Ocean Shield (NATO).

Delivery point UK
Business Categories
  1. Research organisations
  2. Universities and Medical Schools
  3. Computer systems and software (development)
CompeteFor response deadline 25/02/2013 17:00
Estimated tender close date 26/02/2013
Estimated contract award date 17/03/2013
Estimated contract start date 01/05/2013

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