Supply CRM Automation Platform and Marketing Solution

Supply CRM Automation Platform and Marketing Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation platform and marketing solution for the ‘I Will If You Will’ women’s and girl’s national sport pilot.

Bury Council
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation platform and marketing solution for the ‘I Will If You Will’ women’s and girl’s national sport pilot
Bury Council originally advertised for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and loyalty reward solution via The Chest, in February 2015, but was unable to award. Since then the Council has partnered with an organisation called Bounts to provide the loyalty aspect of the requirement. The Council is now tendering for the provision of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation platform & marketing solution that will need to integrate with the Bounts loyalty reward solution.  Bidders who expressed interest in the original tender will also need to express their interest in this tender.

I Will If You Will (IWIYW) is a project focussed upon changing women and girls’ behaviours to take part in sport and physical activity. The project is led by Bury Council in partnership with Sport England.

A key feature of the project is understanding who the women/girls engaging in the programme are, alongside their patterns of behaviour to better understand trends, target groups of women and inform ongoing communication plans with those women/girls. This will also help inform how Bury Council works with the sport and physical activity market to influence supply and ensure it is responsive to identified demands.

IWIYW is looking to develop an incentive programme with an effective CRM system as a motivational tool to attract and retain women and girls into activity. Insight shows that a good incentive programme targeted correctly can increase retention rates significantly.

Bury Council is seeking a single supplier to provide this app and web based web based, fully integrated CRM and Marketing package that covers the supply, installation, support and ongoing maintenance.

To be considered for this tender your solution MUST:

  • Provide an integrated Customer Relationship Management and Marketing system.
  • Be scalable to cope with increased numbers of clients / users / services
  • Be simple and easy to use to perform day-to-day tasks by non technical users
  • The successful tenderer must be able to go live as soon as possible following award (expected to be early September) but no later than 1st January 2016
  • Submit a Project plan as part of the submission

The CRM system MUST:

  •  Be web-based for staff and reporting, but also app-based for instructors and coaches to enable data capture and to be able to capture independent activity.
  • Have the ability to record and report information on PARTICIPANTS and SESSIONS
  • Be able to track the frequency of a participants attendance.
  • Be able to report against specific participant profiles
  • Be a single centralised database for all marketing and customer support information
  • Track the responses to and report on campaigns
  • Track and measure customer loyalty (e.g. by the use of promotional codes by participants)
  • Launch surveys and receive feedback to understand customer preferences
  • Have e-mail and chat functionality
  • Be able to integrate with other systems, in particular – the loyalty system (Bounts), by providing information on participants to the other supplier

Your solution must be able to meet all the above criteria to be considered further.

To express an interest please click on the ‘Login & Register Interest’ button below. Once you have registered your interest you will be able to access the tender documentation.

The closing time for completed tender submissions, via The Chest, is 12 noon on Wednesday 5th August 2015.

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