Supply Information and Communication Systems

Supply Information and Communication Systems

Real Time Information Group Digital Framework Contract.

The Real Time Information Group Digital Framework Contract
27100000 – Call Systems
27110000 – Consumables
27120000 – Hardware
27130000 – Maintenance
27140000 – Reprographics Equipment
27150000 – Services
27160000 – Software
27170000 – Telecommunications – Fixed
27180000 – Telecommunications – Mobile
Scope of the ServicesThe essential requirement is that Members, or their agents, should be able to contract for Services in a way that enables them to implement fully-featured information and communication systems in support of public transport operations.

The Services cover, generically, wireless communications network services suitable for carrying Internet Protocol (IP) data traffic. This includes both long range (eg GPRS, 3G, LTE) and medium range (eg WiFi) but not short range (eg NFC) technologies.

RTIG recognises and accepts that the network boundary (ie the point at which the Services begin) may vary depending on the Contractor’s architecture and business model – for instance it could be the air interface, a Contractor-provided SIM, an internet port, a switch port, etc.

Suppliers are expected to be able to deliver to the majority of RTIG members, which in practice means substantial coverage of the UK.

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