Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Removals Relocation Works Liverpool

Removals Relocation Works Liverpool The scope of works is to relocate medical, non-medical and fixed equipment together with the de-commissioning and disposal of some items of equipment in line with EU Legislation, relevant ISO and British Standards.

Hotel Services at the Alder Park facility

Hotel Services at the Alder Park facility The Trust is looking for a provider to supply the expertise in all aspects of hotel services and clinical site management with specific skills in dealing with clientele encountered within a clinical environment. Services will include catering, domestics, courier, security and pest control.

Point of care molecular testing

Point of care molecular testing The Trust is seeking to procure a Point-of-Care Molecular Testing platform for pathogens from respiratory samples and blood cultures taken from patients in augmented care units (e.g. ICU, HDU, Oncology) and other patients during outbreak situations.