Text Editor – Invitation to Tender

Text Editor – Invitation to Tender

This Contract covers the requirement for text editing services in relation to the major new galleries scheduled to be opened at IWM London in 2020.

Contract summary


  • Miscellaneous business and business-related services – 79900000

Location of contract


Value of contract

£85k – £96k

Published date

27 March 2018

Closing date

20 April 2018

Contract start date

08 May 2018

Contract end date

19 July 2019

Contract is suitable for SMEs?


Contract is suitable for VCSEs?




This Contract covers the requirement for text editing services in relation to the major new galleries scheduled to be opened at IWM London in 2020.

These services have been placed into two lots:

• Lot 1: Second World War Gallery and Level 1 terraces Interpretation (estimated value of £50,000)
• Lot 2: Holocaust Gallery (estimated value of £46,000)

It is IWM’s preference to appoint different consultants for each Lot, but tenderers are entitled to make a bid for both or either Lot (please identify what you are bidding for in your tender) and IWM retains the right if you submit a bid for both Lots to make an appointment under each Lot based upon their preferences arising from the evaluations of the tender, IWM will consider the appointment of one Consultant across both Lots if they are able to demonstrate that they have the capacity to undertake the work.

The Consultant will be contracted from May 2018 to July 2019


About the buyer

Contact name

Simon Bourne


Lambeth Road


020 7416 5257




Other information


Fee Bid Tender Lot 1 – Second World War Galleries

TenderFeeBid Lot 1 Second World War Galleries.docx

Fee Bid Tender Lot 2 Holocaust Gallery

TenderFeeBid Lot 2 Holocaust Gallery.docx

Edit Exercise SWWG

Text Edit Exercise_SWWG.docx

Edit Exercise – Holocaust Gallery

Text Edit Exercise_HG.docx

Second World War Gallery Narrative

20180104 SWWG end Developed Design narrative key messages FINAL January 2018.docx

Holocaust Gallery Narrative

20170309_The Holocaust Galleries outline narrative.pdf

Second World War Gallery Floor Plan

Second World War Gallery Floorplan.pdf

Holocaust Gallery Floor Plan

Holocaust Gallery Floorplan.pdf

Second World War Text Hierarchy

20180320 IWM outline text hierarchy SWWG.docx

Holocaust Gallery Hierarchy

20180326 IWM outline text hierarchy HG.docx

IWM Tone of Voice Guidelines

IWM Tone of Voice Guidelines.pdf

IWM Intrepretation Principles

IWM_Principles of Interpretation.pdf

Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement.doc

ITT Letter


Tender Document


The document IWM TARGET AUDIENCES is too large to post to this notice. Please send an email to sbourne@iwm.org.uk and this document will be forwarded to you.

Please follow the instructions in the ITT letter with regards to raising any questions on this tender and on how and when to submit your tender return.


How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided, or follow the instructions given in the notice description or information section.


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