Tory MPs call for Ukip pact after local election losses

Tory MPs call for Ukip pact after local election losses

David Cameron under pressure as MPs fear being ousted in 2015 after strong showing for Nigel Farage’s party
Three Conservative MPs have called for a pact with Nigel Farage as their party lost control of at least eight councils because of a surge in votes for Ukip.

Douglas Carswell, Peter Bone and Jacob Rees-Mogg, who are all on the right of the party, argued there should be a deal to avoid Tory MPs being ousted at the general election in 2015.

David Cameron will come under pressure to explain how he will woo back voters after the Conservatives lost control of councils in Basildon, Brentwood and Maidstone, among others, because of a strong Ukip vote. If the Conservatives come third behind Ukip and Labour in the European elections, he is likely to face further calls for some sort of deal with Farage’s party.

By 6am on Friday, with 100 of the 172 councils up for election in England and Northern Ireland still to declare, the Tories had lost 93 seats, Labour had gained 74, the Lib Dems had lost 72, Ukip had gained 84, the Greens had gained one and other parties were up seven.

The results of the European parliament elections, which also took place on Thursday, will be announced on Sunday.

Farage has already said he would consider allowing Tory general election candidates to run on a joint Ukip ticket in certain local areas if they were of a similar anti-EU mindset.


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