Ukip bullish about chances of breakthrough in Scotland

Ukip bullish about chances of breakthrough in Scotland

Nigel Farage insists his party will win the sixth Scottish European parliament seat, despite anti-Ukip protests in Edinburgh.

The last time Nigel Farage came to Edinburgh, he found himself unexpectedly locked inside a city centre pub by flustered and ill-prepared police officers. His lesson learnt, this time the Ukip leader was locked in a building deliberately, guarded by ranks of ex-military personnel, uniformed G4S security guards and a line of police in Day-Glo tops.

As more than 300 protesters gathered outside his party’s first rally in Scotland on Friday evening, at a former Edwardian-era slaughterhouse and corn market on the western fringes of the city, Farage told reporters he planned a revolution in Scottish politics.

His Eurosceptic party is on the cusp of a breakthrough in Scotland by taking the country’s sixth European seat from the Liberal Democrats, he promised; they were the new radicals, promising Scots an in-out referendum on EU membership.

“There’s a clear element of the Scottish political classes which are scared of Ukip, in particular they’re scared of the argument, the argument that hasn’t been heard in Scottish politics,” he said.

“There’s a fear that Ukip, if we’re successful in a few weeks, will inject something new into Scottish politics.”

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