Ukip candidate lambasts Islam as ‘totalitarian ideology’

Ukip candidate lambasts Islam as ‘totalitarian ideology’

Email emerges in which Brent Ukip candidate Heino Vockrodt says Islam is against everything modern Britain stands for.

The UK Independence party has become embroiled in a fresh race row after it emerged that one of its local election candidates has described Islam as a “totalitarian ideology” that is “against everything modern Britain stands for”.

Labour said the “deeply offensive” views aired in an email, first revealed by the Guardian, that was apparently sent last year by Heino Vockrodt to the London council on which he wishes to sit undermined Nigel Farage’s insistence that he did not lead a racist party.

In a diatribe complaining about an alleged planning breach by the Afghan community in Brent, north London, Vockrodt said parts of the borough resembled Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

“Being Muslims, they ignored both refusals and did it anyway,” he wrote of what he said were unlawful changes to a cultural centre.

Political correctness was preventing the council taking action, he alleged, “for fear of being called racists, when, just like in all the other cases where Muslims are grooming children to be sex slaves under the eyes of the authorities, the council does nothing”.

He claimed the neighbourhood was “already exploding under the weight of segregation” and shopkeepers had been “squeezed out by Muslims”.

“The entire parade – once lovely owner/occupier shops – resembles Helmand province now. Time to call in MI5 and MI6 for sure,” he wrote.

“Islam is a mono-cultural, totalitarian ideology,” he added. “It is NOT areligion. It is against multi-culturalism and only promotes its own culture. It is against everything modern Britain stands for.”

In the message, sent early in the morning to the planning enforcement department, Vockrodt said that while he supported a multi-ethnic society, “the only culture applicable to this country is British” and warned the council not to ignore the “winds of change”.


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