Website Design Contract for Capital Region Tourism

Website Design Contract for Capital Region Tourism

Design of New Tourism Website for the Valleys.

Procurer reference: VM2
Value of tender: £Undisclosed
Is this notice funded by the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO)?
Contract Type
Name of the organisation
Capital Region Tourism
Contact Name
Andrew Lloyd Hughes
North Lodge, Dyffryn Gardens, St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan
Web Address
Type of works contract
Design and execution
Title of the contract
Design of New Tourism Website for the Valleys
Description of the contract


This specification outlines the requirements for the innovative redevelopment of the website to promote the Valleys as an exciting visitor destination. There is no specified budget range for this work but it is expected that bids of at least £10,000 would be appropriate. Bids will need to be submitted by 22nd August 2012 with the new website fully operational and ‘live’ by 1st December 2012 without fail.

To deliver a tourism website for the Valleys that is innovative, informative and inviting and that complements the Valleys brand. It needs to be capable of promoting our overall tourism product and individual businesses and also contribute significantly and positively to changing the perception of our area.

The successful company will be required to deliver the following outputs throughout the project:

1) A website that promotes the Valleys as a destination which must be mobile

compliant for viewing via smart phones, comply with any legal requirements, accessibility and best practice. A vision illustrating how an administrator may view the website post launch in December 2012 is contained in the Appendix. This new website must include:

• A clear and simple navigation system for users.

• A user friendly Content Management

• A user friendly Database Management System

• The ability to develop an unlimited number of microsites

• Full integration with social media channels

• A ‘my top 10 Valleys’ selection feature

• A dynamic and appealing homepage

• Dynamic mapping page

• Other features throughout the site including: (i) a site map of website to allow for improved navigation and SEO (ii) data capture facilities for SMS and email subscriptions if deemed appropriate (iii) provide opportunities for the user to share information via social media throughout the website where appropriate (iv) to consider how best advertisers or potential sponsors be represented throughout the site (v) sign up for RSS news feed from news / blog pages (vi) downloads feature within the CMS enabling the website administrator to upload materials.

2) Provide clear advice on how best to broadcast SMS and email communications from the collected data. This should include advice on best ‘off the shelf’ options available on the internet. To consider and adopt the best approach to maintain efficient SEO and how best to feature useful external links from the website.

3) Evaluation. Set up Google Analytics to allow client to monitor website performance and to advise on monthly reporting methodology. Other performance measures such as downloads volumes etc. will be necessary and the ability to install tracking parameters on accommodation pages to monitor PPC advertising campaigns will be required. In the bid, we will be looking to the contractor to advise on the most appropriate evaluation and performance measures that can be used for destination websites.

4) Provide at least 3 creative design options for the website during the development phase.

5) A comprehensive technical and functionality manual will need to be provided to assist with any succession management of the site which may or may not involve the successful company in the future. Copyright for the intellectual property must be signed over to the client upon launch. An explanation on the work that has been undertaken during the build of the site to clearly inform the client how SEO has been maximised.

6) Two days training provided for all administrators in using the systems developed, training room and facility to be provided by the client.

7) Optional: A mobile friendly version of the site that can be viewed on tablet and smartphone. This element must be quoted separately and the development of which may not be required by the client.

Classification of contract (CPV codes)
79340000 – Advertising and marketing services.
79413000 – Marketing management consultancy services.
72413000 – World wide web WWW site design services.

Contract Length
Starting date:
and/or Ending date
Contract will be awarded based on:

Most economically advantageous tender in terms of:Criteria as detailed in the contract documents

SECTION IV: Administrative Information
Instructions to suppliers

Please send an electronic version of your submission to Andrew Lloyd Hughes by midday on the date specified in section 4. Three hard copies of your submission should also be sent immediately following this date to:

Capital Region Tourism / Uwch Ranbarth Twristiaeth

North Lodge

Dyffryn Gardens

St Nicholas

Vale of Glamorgan


We ask that all submissions agree to the following format and exclude any company promotional material. Any additional company brochures etc can be included but please note they do not form part of the evaluation.

To assist with the evaluation process, your submission should be structured in the following way:

1) Completed tender form (See appendix for blank form to be completed)

2) Introduction

3) Background (about your company)

4) Methodology (Please outline the approach you would adopt in delivering each of our requirements in turn outlined in section 3 of this brief)

5) Schedule and costs (specifically what you are going to do at each stage, how long it is going to take you, by who and when. Please include a breakdown of the costs involved as per our requirements outlined in Section 3 of this brief and a total cost for the whole work). Cost is a vital element and we would expect a website of this specification to cost between £10,000 and £20,000 with bids closer to the lower level being advantageous. In order to provide us with an alternative solution, please also provide a second cost option for a website that is of a much lower specification than that outlined in section 3 of the tender document, but one which you believe as a company will promote our destination effectively.

6) Added value (what we can bring to the contract over and above the client’s requirements outlined in Section 3)

7) Previous relevant experience

8) Staff resource (please include details of all staff, their daily rates and any CVs etc.)

9) References

Reference Number
Deadline Date
Deadline date refers to
Receipt of full submission
Does this contract relate to a Project / Programme funded by EU funds?
The VRP partnership’s ERDF project falls within the Environment for Growth priority, specifically focusing on sustainable tourism as a theme. The project is one of a series of Convergence Funding bids aimed at developing the tourism product within Wales and in particular within the South Wales valleys area. European Funding for the campaign is matched by Welsh Government Regeneration funds and contributions from local authority partners.
Community Benefits do not apply to this contract
WEFO Funded

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