55594-2019: United Kingdom-Gateshead: Training services

Training provision which will comprise of professional training providers who will deliver high quality training to a variety of learners to aid their development and to ensure the Council can continue to deliver high quality services. This lot 9 will cover training requirements within social care (adults and childrens) training. The initial sub-lots included under lot 9 are:

9.1 Age assessment awareness training;

9.2 An introduction to working with the Gateshead Jewish Community;

9.3 Autism training — adults;

9.4 Autism training — children;

9.5 Children and young people’s deprivation of liberty training;

9.6 Conflict management, assault avoidance and disengagement training;

9.7 Conflict management, assault avoidance and disengagement, holding training;

9.8 Continuing healthcare;

9.9 Court of protection and self-neglect;

9.10 Deaf awareness;

9.11 Dementia training;

9.12 Diabetes;

9.13 Enablement and rehabilitation training;

9.14 Epilepsy;

9.15 Epilepsy training;

9.16 Falls awareness;

9.17 Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Training (FASD);

9.18 Human Rights Act Care planning legal framework;

9.19 Intimate personal care;

9.20 Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care;

9.21 Level 4 Diploma in Health and Social Care;

9.22 Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care;

9.23 Managing challenging behaviour in children;

9.24 Motivational interviewing skills and stages of change;

9.25 Motor neurone disease awareness;

9.26 Nutrition;

9.27 Parkinson’s awareness;

9.28 People handling and risk assessment;

9.29 Pressure area care;

9.30 Preventing infection;

9.31 Recording reflective practice;

9.32 Recording skills for provider services;

9.33 Recording skills for social care practitioners;

9.34 Supervision in social care training;

9.35 Systemic practice training for social workers;

9.36 Therapy/clinical child assessments;

9.37 Training in Systemic Instruction (TSI);

9.38 Transition for children to adult care and support services;

9.39 Triple planning — working with unaccompanied asylum seeking young people;

9.40 Understanding eating disorders;

9.41 Visual impairment awareness;

9.42 Miscellaneous social care (adults and childrens) training;

9.43 BIA (Best Interest Assessors) training;

9.44 BIA refresher training;

9.45 AMPH refreshers training;

9.46 PQ — Safeguarding module (adults) training;

9.47 PQ — Practice education training;

9.48 Solution focused support training;

9.49 Children’s continuing care training;

9.5 Supervisors training;

9.51 Introduction to multiple sclerosis;

9.52 Training in suicide prevention and defensible practice;

9.53 Training in dual diagnosis — psychosis and substance misuse;

9.54 Training in least restrictive care planning;

9.55 PQ safeguarding (children) training;

9.56 Training in advanced interviewing skills for level 6 qualified guidance advisers;

9.57 AIM2 training;

9.58 Anti bullying/cyber bullying training;

9.59 Calm training — full course, refresher;

9.6 Family systems work training;

9.61 Dealing with trauma;

9.62 Makaton signing;

9.63 MCA/Dols (assessing capacity/court of protection) legislation;

9.64 Psychosocial applications when working with families and supervisors training;

9.65 Signs of safety training;

9.66 Theraplay supervision training.