86010-2019: United Kingdom-Stafford: Education and training services

This is an electronic tender. All submission must be made via the formal Contracting Authority electronic tendering platform.

All requests for information to be sent through the electronic tendering portal and message facility on the Proactis electronic tendering system.

How to register — follow the link to Proactis electronic tendering:


If you require urgent assistance regarding the initial usage of the e-Tendering package please contact the Contracting Authority point-of-contact in Section I.1 of this notice. On failure to reach this contact, please immediately email the nature of the difficulty to commercial.team@staffordshire.gov.uk

This procurement is for a Framework Agreement between the appointed providers(s) and the Contracting Authority, to supply predominately services on an ad-hoc call-off basis, as and when required.

The Contracting Authority or its public sector partners/Customers makes no guarantee as to the volume of business on offer or to be awarded, and any volumes given are indicative only and intended as a general guide. There is no commitment at the time of tendering from any parties outside of the Contracting Authority and this should be taken into consideration when bidding.

All framework management, post-tender, will be in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. The call-off orders will be allocated by terms laid down in the framework. Please see the tender documentation for further details.

The Contracting Authority also reserves the right to operate a public tender or quotations outside of the framework where so required.

As part of the Governments National Procurement Strategy, collaborative working and supporting other Authorities now forms part of the Contracting Authority’s procurement remit. This agreement may be made available to other Contracting Authorities including without limitation Councils and Public Bodies within Staffordshire and neighboring geographical areas as prescribed by the NUTS codes in this notice. These will include Health and NHS Bodies, Local Authorities, Contracting Authorities, any other Government Department, Defence, Police and Emergency Services, Metropolitan/District Councils, Utilities, Educational Establishments, and Utilities, including the Contracting Authorities named in this notice. These organisations will be afforded third party rights or be named as beneficiaries under the contract or contracts where appropriate.


Payments may be made following acceptance by the banking agents of Staffordshire County Council.

Legal form of groups of providers:

No special legal form is required by the grouping of providers but each provider will be required to be come jointly or severally responsible for the contract before acceptance.

For reference the following website outlines the Contracting Authority’s policy on the Community Right to Challenge: