Government Online has been in operation for over 14 years. It was originally developed prior to the launch of UK Online (now www.gov.uk) as a platform to enable interagency communication among Government Departments and Agencies, and also to offer free access to relevant contact information to the general public.


It now has three main subject areas:


Government Tenders

We provide an extensive selection of government tenders to help companies secure business in the public sector. We’re well aware in these difficult times that companies are looking for any avenue to generate business and continue to thrive. Completely free access to full tender adverts can be a key means of giving enterprises of all kinds a competitive edge they might not otherwise have. https://www.government-online.net/government-tenders/


Suppliers working in the public sector might also be interested in our comprehensive Tender Guidance section.


Government Database

Originally we provided an online database of Central, Regional and Local Government, specialising in the former (with the MOD). As government has opened up, some of this information is now freely available and accessible via www.gov.uk. We have, therefore, taken a different approach to mapping the public sector, but one that should be rewarding to both suppliers and the general public alike. www.government-online.net/government-database/.


News and Information

We publish many articles on government policy and government related news (including grants and funding) in the News and Information section. https://www.government-online.net/news-info/.

A listing of individual posts can be found on the News Items page. https://www.government-online.net/news-items/