Accommodation Based Support Invitation to Open Day

Accommodation Based Support Invitation to Open Day

Invitation to an open day – Relating to the provision of an accommodation based support service for very vulnerable and chaotic individuals.

Procurer reference: BCBC03/08/2012
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Title of Notice
Invitation to an open day – Relating to the provision of an accommodation based support service for very vulnerable and chaotic individuals
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85000000 – Health and social work services.
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There are a small number of extremely chaotic individuals, currently all young (under 25 years old), who are known to several agencies in the Borough and who are repeat users of services including:

• Housing

• Prison/Probation

• Mental Health/Substance Misuse services

• Young Peoples services

It is our ambition to provide better outcomes for these individuals, many of whom do not meet the thresholds to access statutory services, by breaking the cycle in which these individuals find themselves, and provide a pathway for them to independent living

Bridgend’s Supporting People Planning Group have prioritised the development of a service to accommodate and support these individuals which will provide early intervention and assessment with robust links to other appropriate services whilst providing a safe environment for support to be undertaken.

A consultation exercise carried out recently with the partner agencies showed that out of 60 individuals nearly a quarter (24%) accessed 3 or more services with Housing always being one of these.

Project Outline

The aim of the new service will be to:

• Provide a single point of access for agencies when a crisis occurs with one of these clients

• Provide early intervention e.g. on day of release for prison leavers

• Provide short term “crisis” accommodation from which detailed multi agency assessments can be carried out

• Enable appropriate move-on accommodation and provide a floating support service and other agency input where required

• Enable the transition to sustainable longer term accommodation with support

and engage with education, employment and training (EET) aspects in order to deal with the full picture of “nowhere to live, nothing to do” which precipitates many of the problems faced by these individuals.

We would like potential service providers to consider the following:

• Size – how many bedspaces will be provided

• Location

• Services provided at the facility (including duration) and beyond

• Costs and sources of funding


Looking at the experience of other projects, and taking into account the numbers involved, the time required to be spent at the project, and the practical issues of location and cost, a service providing 5 or 6 bedspaces seems appropriate.

It is important to be of sufficient capacity to cope with the numbers we have in mind. However it is clear from other similar projects that it is impractical from a safety and management point of view to have a large number of clients in one place. We would welcome discussions on what form the accommodation should take, i.e. self contained flats, bedsits, en-suite rooms, and what communal facilities would be recommended.


It must be accessible to Bridgend and as convenient as possible for all the other services and agencies involved. It is envisaged that the support provider would provide/source suitable accommodation for this project.

Services Provided

The project will provide emergency supported accommodation; most of the clients will have either been excluded from other housing or have been inappropriately housed elsewhere e.g. in unsupported B&B.

We would require easy or permanent access to an emergency or crisis bed; consideration needs to be given to this aspect and referral routes generally.

Appropriate staffing levels will need to be provided; some models are 24 hours based, others part time, say 0800 to 2200, and all are probably 7 days per week. We would welcome your views based on existing successful schemes.

It is anticipated that within 72 hours of a service user placement there will be a multi agency assessment of the client’s needs

The sourcing of move-on accommodation and floating support will need to be considered as part of the support plan and lead by the support provider – move on cannot be assumed to be through the social housing route.

Access to EET provision and volunteering opportunities should be developed (this follows along the lines of the successful Enhanced Housing Options model in England) which will improve sustainability in the community for clients.

It is also a potential source of EEC funding and potential providers are invited to consider this aspect with regard to funding opportunities

There should be a therapeutic element in the services offered with access to counselling, CAT and similar interventions which are focussed on the issues presented by clients

The proposal will include a Floating Support service to be based available or attached to the project to ensure ongoing support upon move-on from the project; we envisage this as being an “assertive” provision.


The main sources of funding will be Housing Benefit for the housing costs and SP grant for the support costs.

We will discuss indicative budgets at the informal discussions.


Bridgend County Borough Council wishes to engage with potential providers who are keen to assist in the development of a project to meet the clients’ needs and meet our ambition of providing a sustainable solution for these clients

This is intended as a first step consultation towards developing a brief to work in partnership to deliver an accommodation based support service for very vulnerable and chaotic individuals.

BCBC would like to speak to suitably qualified and experienced providers who share our commitment, vision and ambition to provide a service for this challenging group of clients.

The consultation will be an opportunity for Bridgend County Borough Council to engage with providers to explore suitable accommodation based support services. This consultation is in advance of any procurement exercise, and as part of the engagement process Bridgend County Borough Council seeks the views of providers to identify realistic and workable models. Further details will be available on the day for discussion but we are looking for providers ideas based upon the outline brief.

Whatever individual providers and Bridgend County Borough Council discuss at the meetings will be treated as commercially sensitive and will not be shared with another provider without your consent.

Consultation slots of one hour are available on the following days:

Thursday 13th September 2012 between 9.30am – 3.30pm

Friday 14th September 2012 from 9.30am – 11.30am

If you would like to book a consultation slot please contact Geoff Walker, Homelessness, Housing Options and Supporting People Manager on 01656 642486 or 01656 643545 or email NO LATER THAN NOON FRIDAY 24th AUGUST 2012

Please note that there are limited slots available.

Instructions to suppliers

Providers will need to book and confirm a place for the consultation event by noon Friday 24th August 2012 – there are limited number of slots available so this event will be on a first come first served basis.

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