Adoption Support Services Contract

Adoption Support Services Contract

The scope of the Contract is for (The Provider) to provide to Trafford Council adoption support services as set out below for adoptive families, adopted children, and birth relatives.

Trafford Council
1.         Scope of the Contract

1.1       The scope of the Contract is for (The Provider) to provide to Trafford Council (the Council) adoption support services as set out below for adoptive families, adopted children, and birth relatives.


2.         The User Groups are: 

2.1       Birth relatives

2.2       Adopted adults

2.3       Adoptive families and children adopted through the Council and their siblings, living within an area covered by After Adoption.

2.4       Adoptive families who live within the area of the Council, where Trafford Council hold responsibility for adoption support.

2.5       Families affected by special guardianship


3.         Services to be provided

The Provider will provide the following services to the user groups:


3.1       Access to any groups or Family Days

3.2       Send mailing and publicity on receipt of addresses and information from the Council of people eligible to receive post adoption services.

3.3       A telephone help line “Actionline” for service users and social workers, this is also the principal method of referral

3.4       18 cases – where one case generally consists of six sessions of approximately two hours each, plus travel, writing up, supervision. The model used is one session of assessment, 4 sessions and one review session.

3.5       Management and administration.


General Allocations may include, as required by the Council;


3.6       Counselling, advice and information.

3.7       Access to information (in accordance with Schedule 2 of Adoption and Children Act 2002

3.8       Intermediary services (in accordance with sect 98 of Adoption and Children Act 2002). This includes checking I.D. and establishing which agency is the “Appropriate Adoption Agency”, undertaking a search and endeavouring to establish contact with the “subject”. It may involve obtaining copies of certificates from the Registrar General (there will be an additional charge to the service user for information provided by the Registrar General and copies of certificates). The provider shall discuss the process with the Council for each case where necessary.

3.9       Disruption support for cases threatening disruption or after placement breakdown, including appropriate mediation throughout.

3.10     Work with adoptive parents to meet the specific needs of a child e.g. behaviour difficulties

3.11     Work with birth parents, (“Birthties”) providing independent support when their child(ren) are  or have been subject of Adoption proceedings or for the purposes of life story work after placement for adoption


3.12     Where a case involves hours that are considerably lower or more than the 14 hour allocation (The Provider) will discuss with the Trafford Council Adoption Manager any required adjustments to service provision.


3.13     All the above services are also available where applicable to special guardians and the children for whom they are guardians.


3.14     The Council controls case allocation.


4.         The Provider’s Personnel4.1       The Provider shall ensure that all staff employed to carry out any of the duties described in this contract meet the requirements of “Fitness of workers” as set out in Regulation 11 of the Local Authority Adoption Service (England) Regulations 2003 and that the required information is obtained in respect of them as required by Schedule 3 of those Regulations.


                     In all instances the provider shall ensure that:

4.2       The Council is notified immediately if a prospective worker/ volunteer for the area does not receive an enhanced CRB clearance and declare their intentions in respect of that individual.


4.3       After Adoption shall ensure that no person whom the Authorised Officer reasonably objects to being engaged in the provision of the services following receipt of the CRB check shall be engaged in the provision of the services.


4.4       They provide, upon request, a written list of the names and work addresses of all individuals engaged in connection with the provision of the services specifying the capacities in which those individuals will be engaged within the services.

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