Adult Care and Housing Services – Rotherham – Market Engagement

Adult Care and Housing Services – Rotherham – Market Engagement

The council is currently preparing to commission several services as detailed below, in doing so the Council would like to seek input from the marketplace in shaping service requirements and key deliverables.

Opportunity Id
MARKET ENGAGEMENT – Adult Care, Housing and Public Health
85000000-9 – Health and social work services

The Council is currently preparing to commission several services as detailed below, in doing so the Council would like to seek input from the marketplace in shaping service requirements and key deliverables. Please refer to the attachment which details specific questions raised by the Council A summary of each of the services is described below, organisations responding to the questions detailed must note that this is information is requested as market engagement only , in order to inform planned procurement activity which is due to take place in the fourth coming months. Organisations interested in an informal discussion about these services may contact the commissioning team as follows:- Kay Nicholes (Strategic Commissioning Manager) Caroline Stiff (Commissioning Officer): Garry Parvin (Commissioning Service Manager) : Day Opportunities – Complex Needs & Autism (YORtender ref DN503971 to be published) The Day Opportunities Service is accessed by adults requiring specialist support and who have long term health conditions and/or complex needs (including complex behavioural needs). This could include, learning disabilities, sensory impairment, autistic spectrum disorders, multiple physical disability, epilepsy, dementia and additional mental ill health. Individuals with acquired brain injury may where appropriate be referred to the service. The service promotes people to use day opportunity services as a transition to independent living and independence where appropriate and to operate with a preventative focus. This means the service will: 1. promote independence, 2. reduce social isolation, 3. improve health and wellbeing to ensure people reach their full potential 4. reduce reliance on paid support by enabling access to mainstream activities. 5. promote the independence and empowerment of individuals. Housing & Community Support Service – For People with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism (YORtender ref DN503970 to be published) The service provides low level support to maintain and increase independence for people with a Learning Disability and/or Autism who are living in their own accommodation in the community. The service does not provide personal care. The aim of the service is to support individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism to: • live independently in their own homes • reduce reliance on paid support • actively engage with and contribute to their community • create a sense of belonging in the neighbourhood • develop increased self-reliance both individually and through peer-to-peer support. Supported Living Service (YORtender ref DN503970 to be published) This service provides support to adults with a learning disability, autistic spectrum disorders, epilepsy, behaviours that may challenge, mental health needs including dementia and physical disability, who are living in a supported living environment. Supported living is differentiated from residential care, where the individual does not have any settled secure accommodation and it is differentiated from domiciliary care services in that the service may not include the provision of personal care and, where it does, it is provided with other services that support independent living. This service aims to help individuals to develop the independent living skills necessary to manage and sustain their accommodation, so that they are able to; • Manage financially, • Keep safe, • Engage with education, training and employment providers where appropriate, • Be healthy, • Engage positively in their communities and wider society. Each of the Services are intended to be outcome focused for those individuals accessing the Service, interested organisations are requested to be mindful of this approach when responding to the questions below and have consideration of ‘I’ statements. • I can do the things that are important • to me. • I am treated with respect. • I feel safe. I know about things that • can be dangerous. • I have support with my health. • I have people who care about me like family and friends • I do things to help other people. • The place I live in feels like home • My home has been changed to suit me

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Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham
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complex needs, community, support, vulnerable adults, housing , supported living

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