Adult Cycle Training London

Adult Cycle Training London

Tower Hamlets.
CLC4190 Adult Cycle Training
The London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) is seeking expressions of interest
from interested organisations for the above services.
As part of the Tower Hamlets transport ‘Local Implementation Plan’ and ‘Cycling
Connections’ strategy, adult cycle training is an integral part of the Council’s ambition
to ensure more trips are made by bike, more safely, more often in the Borough. The
scheme – which is free to anyone who lives, works or studies in Tower Hamlets –
has proved hugely successful over recent years both in terms of the number of
participants being trained, and the impact of that training on the amount of cycling
undertaken by trainees in their own time. Under the current scheme trainees are
entitled to up to four hours of ‘Bikeability’ training from qualified instructors, on a ‘1-2-
1’ or ‘2-2-1’ ratio in terms of trainees/instructors. With Barclays Cycle Hire arriving
across the most of the Borough by spring 2012, and the potential upturn in cycle use
linked to the London 2012 Games, cycle training for adults is seen as even more
important in ensuring the safety of both new and experienced cyclists. Accordingly,
funding for the programme has continued to increase, with £37,500 being allocated in
2012-13. Tower Hamlets Council are seeking to appoint an experienced adult cycle
training provider to carry out this programme on the Council’s behalf from 1st May
2012 to 31st March 2013.

Link to online advert: Click here to view the advert
The anticipated contract start date is: 1st May 2012

The value of the contract is: 37,5000 Per Annum

For a period of: 11 Months
Organisations wishing to express their interest are requested to register on the
London Tenders Portal via the link below, where the tender documentation will be
available for download. Please allow sufficient time to register (at least 1 working
LBTH uses the e-tendering system, the London Tenders Portal, which is free of
charge to suppliers and providers. (Double-click links on this page or copy and

paste to your web browser) orm
LBTH accepts no liability for expressions of interest that are not received due
to internet connectivity issues, transmission delays or errors.

Deadline for return of quotation is: Friday 30th March 2012 Time: Noon
LBTH is an Equal Opportunities Employer and a supporter of Ethical Governance,
our protocol can be found here along with Guidance to Suppliers and Providers.
LBTH does not undertake to invite all applicants or bind itself to accept the lowest or
any Tender. LBTH will not be liable for any costs incurred in tendering for this contract.
If you require any further information please contact:
Ambia Begum at:

Mrs Ambia Begum
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020 7364 4794
020 7364 4973
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5 Clove Crescent, Town Hall
E14 2BG
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