Adult Sexual Health Services Tender – Doncaster

Adult Sexual Health Services Tender – Doncaster

Doncaster Borough Council is re-tendering its sexual health services to place a stronger emphasis on access to provision in localities, and more choice on how and when people access sexual health care.

Opportunity Id
Adult Sexual Health Services
85000000-9 – Health and social work services
98000000-3 – Other community, social and personal services

Doncaster Borough Council (“The Council”) is re-tendering its sexual health services to place a stronger emphasis on access to provision in localities, and more choice on how and when people access sexual health care.

Our vision for sexual health services in Doncaster is that Doncaster citizens will be able to access quality sexual health services in a timely manner in a place that suits them, with greater opportunity to self-manage their own sexual health through community service provision and an increased online/digital offer.


The proposed model mirrors the vision described in Doncaster Council Corporate Plan 2020-2021 and principles set out in Doncaster Place Plan to increase opportunities to self-manage their own health and well-being through an improved on line/digital offer; and a greater emphasis on locality-based models of support utilising primary care and other community providers to greater effect.


Community based sexual health services are central to a well-functioning sexual health system. Access to services closer to where people live or work ensure timely provision of essential care which is critical in particular for those people who may be more vulnerable and/or most at risk of poor sexual health.


These Services are more fully described in the procurement documents.

The Council is looking to contract with potentially a number or providers in the delivery of sexual Health Services and to this end, contract  will be split into 3 ‘lots’:

Lot 1 – Specialist Sexual Health Service provision

  • Services delivered from a centrally located hub, with selected outreach to vulnerable groups
  • Full range of open access, level 1-3 STI testing and treatment
  • Access to LARC and Emergency contraception
  • A full range of, level 1-3 (all methods) contraception services for vulnerable and at risk groups
  • Specialist (level 3) STI and Contraceptive care offer


Lot 2 – Community Sexual Health Service provision

  • Services delivered from community settings based in localities with elements subcontracted to primary care providers:
  • A full range contraception services including long acting reversible contraception (LARC) and emergency methods.
  • Level 1-2 STI testing and treatment


Lot 3 – Psychosexual Therapy Service provision

  • A service to provide help for clients presenting with problems of sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, and pain with sexual intercourse.
  • An integrated therapeutic programme using a behavioural, systemic and psychodynamic model which openly explores sexual problems and emotional blocks.


Providers cannot work in isolation and there will be a requirement to work with each other to address the needs of service users and manage patient flow across the borough. Providers of lots 1 and 2 will have shared joint outcomes, be required to develop triage and self-managed care offer in collaboration with each other.

Tenderers may bid for one or more lots, but must consider the requirements for each lot individually, submitting separate quality, social value and price submissions

The Contract will commence on 01 April 2022 and run until end of 31 March 2025.  There is also an option to extend the contract by a further two twelve (12) month periods at the sole discretion of the Council

Social Value

The Council is committed to a performance and evidence-based approach to social value and has partnered with the social value portal (SVP) to assist in the delivery of this. Based on the National TOMs (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) developed by the SVP, bidders are required to propose credible targets against which performance (for the successful bidder) will be monitored

Bidders are required to submit the social value element of their Bid through the online Social Value Portal. In order to do this, Bidders must register and request access to the project through the Social Value Portal at

The successful bidder will be required to contract directly with the SVP, please refer to the tender documentation for further information.

Region(s) of supply
Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham
Estimated value
Sexual Health

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Contact details

Doncaster MBC
Shaun Ferron
01302 862405
Civic Office
South Yorkshire

Expression of interest window

From 12/05/2021 14:00 to 08/07/2021 12:00