Advance Tree Works Contract Scarborough

Advance Tree Works Contract Scarborough

Comprehensive services required November 2019 – February 2020.

Opportunity Id
Advance Tree Works, Sough Cliff Gardens, Scarborough
77211300-5 – Tree-clearing services
77211400-6 – Tree-cutting services
77211500-7 – Tree-maintenance services
77341000-2 – Tree pruning
As part of the £7m National Lottery Heritage Funded restoration of South Cliff Gardens, an advance tree works contract has been prepared. An independent and impartial arboricultural survey was undertaken in 2016 in order to assess and classify the trees and woodland within the park as well as historic research and a number of surveys of the site as part of the preparation of a Conservation Management Plan. The objectives of the works are as follows: • Increase natural surveillance and improve safety • Reinstate key historic views within the park and across the park, from the Esplanade to South Bay • Carry out tree works to allow for construction of paths to make the site more accessible • Remove diseased trees so that remaining trees stay healthy • Remove decaying and potentially dangerous trees • Thin out the dominant self-seeded sycamore growth and weaker specimens, creating more space and better growing conditions for the retained higher quality trees and proposed specimen trees • Improve overgrown areas offering safer access around the park • Create space to plant new trees to restore a mixed age and species woodland • Encourage the establishment of ground flora which will improve wildlife habitats
Region(s) of supply
North Yorkshire
Estimated value
Tree removal, Tree maintenance, Tree felling

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Contact details

Scarborough Borough Council
Chris Bourne
01723 232447
Scarborough Borough Council
North Yorkshire
YO11 2HG

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From 25/09/2019 12:00 to 25/10/2019 12:00

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