Agile Nation ICT Consultancy

Agile Nation ICT Consultancy

Chwarae Teg, through the Agile Nation Project is working to provide ICT consultancy services to help SME’s in Wales exploit Remote Working technologies in order to enable more flexible working opportunities.

Procurer reference: 2012-0531-ICT
Value of tender: £Undisclosed
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Chwarae Teg
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Ms Kathryn-Anne Chivers
Unit 2 Melin Corwg Business Parc, Cardiff Road, Upper Boat, Treforest
CF37 5BE
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Agile Nation ICT Consultancy
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Chwarae Teg, through the Agile Nation Project is working to provide ICT consultancy services to help SME’s in Wales exploit Remote Working technologies in order to enable more flexible working opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to improved gender equality in the workplace through the removal of obstacles to women’s career progression.

The work items required within this project will adhere to the broad terms detailed below and as separate lots within the Tender Notice.

Lot 1: Remote Working Implementation

All tasks will be based on agreements made between the client business and the Chwarae Teg Agile Nation ICT Project Manager. The role of the Consultant will be to carry out the work items, ensuring that remote working becomes a sustainable reality for the identified business and individuals. The Project will engage with multiple client businesses throughout its course

While the work will fit within the broad descriptions below the specific tasks detailed for each engagement will vary based on the client business requirements and is likely, as such, to form a subset of the items below:

• Configure VPN access both on hardware currently installed within the individual businesses premises and client computer equipment.

• Install VOIP software and hardware on client business premises

• Install and configure Remote Desktop server and / or client software and / or hardware at client business premises

• Provide facility for external hosting of applications, electronic file storage and communication applications for client business

• Provide broadband access facilities for client business

• Provide access to client electronic communication systems (eg email) from mobile hardware (eg remote laptop, smart phone etc)

While this is designed to be a guide to the types of tasks required it should not be seen as an exhaustive list, other tasks could be required dependant on the business needs and development of technologies through the project lifetime

Were required the ICT Consultant will provide training for relevant individuals regards use of technologies introduced within the task list defined for the individual client business. Further telephone and, where needed, on site support will be provided to ensure systems function as defined

Lot 2: Provision of Hardware and Software

In some cases the Project will provide hardware and / or software to client businesses and individual female employees of said businesses. In this case the hardware and / or software will need to be supplied on to the client but the cost of the hardware / software should be sent directly to Chwarae Teg. The invoice for hardware / Software will be paid via Purchase Order Number (supplied when award for engagement is made) once the client has confirmed to Chwarae Teg that the equipment functioning as originally agreed in the Action Plan..

The successful consultant should have the facility to provide hardware / software on this basis.

Tenders can be submitted for both or one of the lots as defined by the tendering company. Tenders are also welcome against one, all or a specific amalgamation of regions.

Classification of contract (CPV codes)
30200000 – Computer equipment and supplies.
30230000 – Computer related equipment.
72500000 – Computer-related services.
72610000 – Computer support services.
72600000 – Computer support and consultancy services.
72611000 – Technical computer support services.
72700000 – Computer network services.
50324000 – Support services of personal computers.
32410000 – Local area network.
32430000 – Wide area network.
51600000 – Installation services of computers and office equipment.
72000000 – IT services – consulting, software development, Internet and support.

Contract Length
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Most economically advantageous tender in terms of:Criteria as detailed in the contract documents

SECTION IV: Administrative Information

Instructions to suppliers

1.5 Instructions for Completion

Recipients are invited to complete the attached PQQ and to submit it, together with any requested supporting information, to Chwarae Teg by the due date for return in accordance with the procedures set out in the paragraph below entitled “Submission of Completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaires”.

Potential Providers should follow the instructions outlined below when completing this PQQ.

Potential Providers should answer all questions as accurately and concisely as possible in the same order as the questions are presented. Where a question is not relevant to the Potential Provider’s organisation, this should be indicated, with an explanation.

Questions should be answered in English.

The information supplied will be checked for completeness and compliance with the instructions before responses are evaluated.


Failure to provide the required information, make a satisfactory response to any question, or supply documentation referred to in responses, within the specified timescale, may mean that a Potential Provider is not invited to participate further. In the event that none of the responses are deemed satisfactory, Chwarae Teg reserves the right to terminate the procurement and where appropriate re-advertise the procurement.

Potential Providers must be explicit and comprehensive in their responses to this PQQ as this will be the single source of information on which responses will be scored and ranked. Potential Providers are advised neither to make any assumptions about their past or current supplier relationships with Chwarae Teg nor to assume that such prior business relationships will be taken into account in the evaluation procedure.

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Submission of Pre-qualification questionnaire
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Established in 1992, Chwarae Teg leads on supporting, developing and expanding the role of women in the Welsh economy. The challenges facing women in the Welsh economy remain and whilst women make up 51% of the population and 47% of the workforce, some major disadvantages persist. In particular, progression into management and senior roles, under-representation in certain sectors, predominance in low paid sectors, often part-time work, gender stereotyping in training and work – all contribute to the continuing gender pay gap. It is widely acknowledged that to address these issues, positive intervention is required, and this new innovative project will provide an holistic approach to addressing key challenges and providing positive outcomes.

The Agile Nation project is funded through the European Social fund (ESF) Priority 3 Theme 3 of the Convergence fund – ‘Promoting Gender Equality in Employment’.

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