App and Website Development – Request for Quote

App and Website Development – Request for Quote

Build an application to work on iOS and Android mobile phones that can track, monitor and predict where visitors will be at an attraction.

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  • Development software package – 48983000

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South West

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Published date

15 March 2019

Closing date

10 April 2019

Contract start date

29 April 2019

Contract end date

30 July 2019

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Launchpad is an innovative incubator of high-growth, high-tech companies based in Cornwall. This procurement is for a team based within the Launch-Pad incubation programme, who are developing an app for the attraction sector to enable the tracking and monitoring of visitors. We intend to procure technical outsourcing for this incubating team, and this RFQ specifies the requirements for such quotes.

Launchpad is a pre-seed incubator, which recruits individuals into complementary teams of 4. We bring together business people, software developers and digital media creatives to build new high-growth companies. These founding teams spend 2-3 months selecting the concept of their product based on market research, engagement with partners of the programme, and sometimes early user engagement. The rest of a year is spent building a business and a product to meet the market need that they have identified. At the end of the year, the teams seek investment to take their businesses to market, and grow at a high rate.
The programme has identified that the team in question does not have the relevant technical expertise in the team. The team has created a strong business case for the app, and have lined up an attraction to trial the app with. The team have developed the user stories required for the app and scoped the outsourcing required for a proof of concept app. It is our belief that this team requires technical outsourcing to enable them to grow the business. Build an application to work on iOS and Android mobile phones that can track, monitor and predict where visitors will be at an attraction. The app will provide an interactive map of the core exhibits for visitors to engage with and personalised trails and offers to shift visitor flow. For example, a visitor with children would be sent an in-app notification offering discounted kids lunch boxes at 11am to avoid the peak rush at 12noon for lunch in the canteen. Build an analytics dashboard optimised for the Google Chrome browser only, for the attraction staff to track visitors. This will be visible via an interactive heat map showing where crowded areas are. The dashboard will also allow the Launch-Pad team to manually send personalised offers to visitors to shift visitor flow


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Penryn Campus


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Stage 1 – Expression of Interest and signing of Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you wish to participate in this tender you will need to register an interest and complete a non-disclosure agreement. Once signed and returned, the full detailed specification of the software can be issued (the detailed requirements of the software are confidential to Falmouth University). Please be aware that to proceed to the Stage 2 of the process, the NDA must be signed and returned in line with the timeframes as set out in section 4 of this document.
To register your interest and to receive the NDA for electronic signing, send an e-mail to; upon completion of electronic signatures the requirements will be sent to the bidder.

ITT made available to Bidders:
Friday 15th March 2019
Date by which Bidders will need to register interest and sign NDA:
Friday 29th March 2019 at 12.00pm mid-day
Date by which Bidders will need to submit clarifications (if raised) :
Friday 05th April 2019
Deadline for receipt of Stage 1 Tender:
Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 12.00pm mid-day
Shortlisted bidders stage 2 notified:
W/C 15th April 2019
Stage 2 Presentation:
Wednesday 24th April 2019


How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided, or follow the instructions given in the notice description or information section.