Approved List for Children’s Residential Homes

Approved List for Children’s Residential Homes

NEPO NE6 Approved Provider List for the Provision of Children’s Residential Care – Opening 2.

NEPO NE6 Approved Provider List for the Provision of Children’s Residential Care – Opening 2
 This Approved Provider List is for the individual placement of children into residential care homes for standard, solo/specialist and children with disabilities placements.  Residential schools and day placements will be part of a separate contracting process. 
The Approved Provider List will be open to any provider which demonstrates that it meets the minimum criteria with placements being made through a further tender process at the point of placement.
The NE6 group of Local Authorities are required to meet their Sufficiency Duty, that is, the requirement to be able to access sufficient accommodation, where possible, in their locality, as outlined in ‘Securing Sufficient Accommodation for Looked After Children’ statutory guidance that came into effect in April 2011.  Providers will be able to apply to come onto the Approved Provider List where they are based within the boundaries of the NEPO member authorities (A full list of authorities can be found at In addition, providers will be able to apply if they are situated within the boundary of any of the following Local Authorities (Chosen because they share a border with one of the NEPO authorities):

    • Scottish Borders
    • Cumbria County Council
    • North Yorkshire County Council

The Approver Provider List will be reopened on as a minimum a six monthly basis and will be advertised via the NEPO portal for 30 days in advance of the closing date to allow providers to submit responses. Estimated advertising dates are listed in the Background section of this document.

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