Asbestos Removal and Demolition Contract Nottingham

Asbestos Removal and Demolition Contract Nottingham

Asbestos Removal, Demolition and Reclamation of Trent Basin, Trent Lane Nottingham.

Reference number:HCAP15042

Deadline date:28/07/2014

This deadline is for…Expressions of interest and receipt of tenders by 1pm

Contract value: £80,000 – £100,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out:NottinghamTrent Basin, Trent Lane, Nottingham, NG2 4DG

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes

Name of the buying organisation:Homes and Communities Agency

Description of the contract

The Homes and Communities Agency wish to appoint a specialist demolition and remediation Contractor for the demolition and reclamation of remaining buildings at Trent Basin, Nottingham. The work includes; removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials (notifiable and non-notifiable), demolition of low-rise buildings, working adjacent to the River Trent, liaison with the Environment Agency and the Canals and Rivers Trust, working adjacent to the public highway, excavation of contaminated soils, backfilling excavated materials to a required geotechnical specification. Works are notifiable under CDM The minimum level of Public Liability & Employers Liability insurance cover needed for this contract is £10 million and £10 million respectively. Contractors must have a minimum of £1 million turnover which relates specifically to asbestos removal and demolition works.



Classification of the contract

45111000Demolition, site preparation and clearance work

Additional information

Contract type:Works – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement?No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding?No

Contract will be awarded based on:Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract:35 Days

Who to contact

Contact nameGreg Eley

Organisation nameWYG Engineering on behalf of the HCA

AddressGeneva Building, Lake View, Sherwood Business Park, Annesley, Notts. , NG15 0ED

Telephone01623 684550

Extension number:


How to apply

The tender process is a standard HCA one-staged tender process. The applicant must apply to WYG Engineering Ltd, who is administering the contract, at the address below for a copy of the tender documents. The applicant will be able to view the premises on 14th July 2014 and tenders must be returned by 28th July 2014. Please note that due to project time constraints, there will be a limited mobilisation period following appointment and subsequently it is intended that the applicant must be able to commence works by 18th August 2014. Contractors must be licensed by the HSE and also be members of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA). In addition to ARCA we also recognise ACAD (Asbestos Control & Abatement Division). Contractors must be members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and be able to demonstrate capability and competence in successfully carrying out demolition works of a similar nature including controlled deconstruction of high-rise buildings adjacent to public areas. As part of the procurement process, the HCA needs to be satisfied that you have systems in place for managing health and safety within your business. Organisations wishing to tender for HCA contracts must be registered and assessed by a prequalification assessment scheme which is a member of SIPP (Safety Schemes in Procurement). This also applies to Non Construction companies. Registration and assessment must be in place prior to being invited to formally tender for the project or works. Further information on SIPP and details of assessment scheme members can be found on The contract will be awarded based on value for money. Tenders will be appraised on both commercial and quality submissions. All discussions, meetings and communications will be conducted in English. The contract will be subject to English law. Tenders and all supporting documents must be priced in GBP and all payments under the contract will be made in GBP. This procurement and award is subject to the transparency arrangements being adopted by the UK Government. These arrangements include the publication of tender documentation issued by the HCA and the contract between the HCA and supplier. Bidders should highlight any areas they consider commercially sensitive in order for the HCA to be able to honour our transparency obligations without undermining the bidders commercial interests. Candidates are advised that the HCA is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (“The Act”). If a candidate considers that any of the information supplied as part of this procurement procedure should not be disclosed because of its commercial sensitivity, confidential or otherwise, they must, when providing this information, clearly identify the specific information they do not wish to be disclosed and clearly specify the reasons for its sensitivity. The HCA shall take such statements into consideration in the event that it receives a request pursuant to the Act which relates to the information provided by the interested party. Please note, it is insufficient to include a statement of confidentiality encompassing all the information provided in the response. The HCA takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and sets high standards of impartiality, integrity and objectivity in relation to the stewardship of public funds and the management of its activities. The principles contained within this policy apply to both internal and external audiences, including anyone wishing to undertake business or engage with the HCA. Please refer to our Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy by visiting for further information.