AV Hardware Tender Liverpool

AV Hardware Tender Liverpool

Bidders are asked to submit a formal tender for the “Sea Galleries, Merseyside Maritime Museum AV Hardware Tender”.

Contract summary


    • Networks – 32400000
    • Information systems and servers – 48800000
    • Installation services of computers and office equipment – 51600000

Location of contract

North West

Value of contract

Published date

29 October 2019

Closing date

26 November 2019

Contract start date

17 December 2019

Contract end date

07 February 2020

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Contract is suitable for VCSEs?




Bidders are asked to submit a formal tender for the “Sea Galleries, Merseyside Maritime Museum AV Hardware Tender”

We require bidders to submit a tender for the provision of all AV Hardware equipment, the installation of all equipment and the positioning/configuration and connection of all equipment.

Installation is due to commence on or around 20 January 2020 and be completed within 2 weeks.

The Sea Galleries will be a new major permanent offer at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The gallery will include engaging and immersive content that better reflects contemporary visitor expectations. The new gallery displays will tell a story of Liverpool’s seafaring communities and explore the rich and vibrant diversity of the men, women and children who travelled around the globe on the ships that gave the city its identity.

As one of the world’s largest ports, Liverpool’s people were at the heart of the maritime merchant fleets that drove the city’s prosperity. The gallery will explore the dangers, joys, culture and community of seafaring life through the moving and fascinating stories of the crews, passengers and their loved ones. The gallery takes a personal approach to maritime cultures and is intended for a general audience. It covers a broad time period – from the 1700’s up to the present day. Although the exhibition often deals with difficult and troubling themes, it is intended as a positive celebration of Liverpool’s seafarers.

The galleries key messages which will be communicated through the gallery interpretation as follows:
• Liverpool’s seafarers were and are central to the city’s heritage
• Liverpool’s maritime communities are a diverse mix of people
• Going to sea can be a dangerous occupation for a range of reasons
• Seafaring technology has changed dramatically over time leading to a diverse range of jobs and qualifications
• Seafaring people developed unique on-board culture
• Passengers’ experience on board ship through time, including children and families

The key/core audience we hope to engage with are as follows:
• Family audience from Merseyside and the wider North-West region
• Specialist interest groups
• Tourists to Liverpool (including oversea tourists)

The key audience will also include special groups, such as overseas tourists on organised trips and young people aged 16 – 24 through education outreach/special events and informal education programme. As well as school groups through organised trips and formal education programme.

Through the gallery approach and design we hope to deliver an engaging and innovative gallery, animating our collections and contextualising them within the historic building and waterfront location of the museum. Overall we want to provide an atmospheric, engaging and memorable experience for visitors.

The gallery is broken down into five sections:
1. Introduction
2. Work
3. Campaigning & Environment
4. Life on board – seafarers
5. Liners and leisure


About the buyer

Contact name

Ian Lindsay


127 Dale Street




Other information


Tender Specification

Audio Visual Hardware Tender Document – October 2019.docx

Appendix A – T2 Form of Tender

Appendix A – T2 Form of Tender.doc

Appendix B – NML Supplemental Conditions

Appendix B – NML Supplemental Conditions.doc

Appendix C – Safety Guidelines for Contractors 2015

Appendix C – Safety Guidelines for Contractors 2015.doc

Appendix D – H & S Questionnaire

Appendix D – H & S Questionnaire.doc

Appendix E – NML Procurement Protocol

Appendix E – NML Procurement Protocol.docx

Appendix F – D3 Derbyshire room – drawing ref

Appendix F – D3 Derbyshire room – drawing ref.pdf

Appendix F – D5 Port hole projection drawing ref

Appendix F – D5 Port hole projection drawing ref.pdf

Appendix F – General Arrangement Gallery Floor Plan – NML-01 PLAN

Appendix F – General Arrangement Gallery Floor Plan – NML-01 PLAN.pdf

Appendix G – AV Hardware Schedule 231019

Appendix G – AV Hardware Schedule 231019.xls


How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided, or follow the instructions given in the notice description or information section.