Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring System – Request for Quote

Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring System – Request for Quote

Quotations are invited for the provision of a Bluetooth Journey Time Monitoring System to collect traffic data.


Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring System
Awarding body Cambridgeshire County Council

EST. START DATE: 23/03/2015
EST. END DATE: 23/03/2018


Quotations are invited for the provision of a Bluetooth Journey Time Monitoring System to collect traffic data. The system is required to be operating and storing data 24-hours per day, 365 days per annum.

The contract will be for a period of three years commencing April 2015.

Appropriate numbers of Bluetooth monitoring units are required to cover Cambridge City and possibly to extend to other urban and inter-urban routes. The attached map is indicative of the locations and links we are interested in initially and would form the basis of further discussions.

Depending on preferred locations Bluetooth monitoring units could be powered from traffic signals or have their own battery, or powered by a solar panel. This would need further site survey to identify the most appropriate option. Ease of installation, and therefore mobility of equipment, is to be considered in case we would need to relocate the unit in the future.

1. Real Time Traffic Information

The data must be real time speeds and travel times on individual road stretches. The data must be reliable and accurate. It must also be able to update at least every 1-2 minutes to give the most up to date information possible. Council must be able to create preferred links to monitor particular routes, within coverage of Bluetooth units.

2. Installation

The Council is not looking for a system that requires additional infrastructure to be installed on site or in its offices; therefore units should be attached to the light column or traffic signals. Solar panels would be the preferable source of power for units.

3. Coverage and Communication
The Council wants the greatest coverage of Cambridgeshire as possible. The attached map depicts provisional locations of units. Units should communicate via GPRS and have the option to convert to wireless/WIFI in the future.

4. Compliant with multiple software platforms

Bluetooth units must be able to communicate with multiple software platforms including UTMC systems. Further discussions will take place regarding this aspect.

5. Technical Specification

• Minimum of IP65 rated enclosure is required for Bluetooth device
• Configurable detection zone for collecting data from particular locations; minimum 1-4 lanes at 70mph per one unit.
• Data telemetry – GPRS
• Accuracy 1-2 minutes maximum

Should you wish to take part in the selection process or if you have any questions about our requirement and the procurement process, please contact and email:

Zaneta Mielczarek
Technical & Liaison Officer
01223 699443


Andy Fisher
IHMC & Events Manager
01223 715910

by 6th March 2015.


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Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Quotation
Category Traffic Control,
CPV codes
Suitable for SME YES


6 March 2015

6 days


13 March 2015

13 days


Zaneta Mielczarek
01223 699443

This contract is being managed by Cambridgeshire County Council . To request documentation