Breastfeeding Peer Mentor Service Cheshire

Breastfeeding Peer Mentor Service Cheshire

As part of this aim, the service will support the achievement of Halton Children’s Trust’s commissioning priority to improve breastfeeding rates at 6-8 weeks after birth.

Halton Borough Council
Early Help and Support Provision Breastfeeding Peer Mentor Service and Parenting in the Community Service
Halton Borough Council is pleased to offer an exciting opportunity for appropriately qualified providers to deliver a service that will support the achievement of Halton Children’s Trust priorities to ‘Improve outcomes for children and young people through embedding integrated processes to deliver early help and support’ and ‘Improve outcomes for our most vulnerable children and young people by targeting services effectively’.  As part of this aim, the service will support the achievement of Halton Children’s Trust’s commissioning priority to improve breastfeeding rates at 6-8 weeks after birth.
The service will deliver two interrelated and complementary primary functions as detailed within the Service Specification.  These are focused upon the areas of work summarised below:

    • A Breastfeeding Peer Mentor Service delivered by local community volunteers, as part of a wider dedicated multi-agency team delivering breastfeeding support in Halton


    • A Parenting in the Community Service, which has two elements:

&n bsp;            &nbs p;         i.      A home-visiting ‘buddying’ service for families with low-level needs related to parenting and understanding child development, and/or who may be isolated in their community, delivered by local community volunteers.  Targeted primarily at parents/carers with children under the age of 5 years but also working with families with older children
&n bsp;            &nbs p;        ii.      A Senior Parenting Practitioner function focused upon the delivery of evidence-based parenting programmes to parents and carers with higher-level needs, together with the provision of parenting programme consultation and support to colleagues across Halton Children’s Trust including assessing the suitability of referrals and contributing to other family assessment processes
&nb sp;              ;

The requirement is for a single organisation to deliver the service.

The service will be delivered in accordance with Halton Children’s Trust’s commitment to Early Help and Support and the provider will ensure that its approach and practice supports intervening early in order to prevent the needs of children and young people escalating to a point where higher level, more specialist intervention is required.

The service will operate within Halton’s Team around the Family model as an integral element of its multi-agency service provision, and will work closely with partners to ensure optimum integration of service delivery, processes and performance management.  As an essential aspect of this alignment, the service will embed and implement the principles of the Think Family approach in all aspects of its practice and service delivery.
Halton Borough Council is committed to providing high quality provision for our diverse community and we invite organisations from all sectors to help us achieve our Halton Children’s Trust priorities.
It is proposed the contract will start on 1st April 2013.

The procurement exercise will be conducted through ‘The Chest’.  If you are interested please register on ‘The Chest’ the North West’s Local Authority Procurement Portal at

    1. Please note that whenever used in this questionnaire, the terms: 

·            Organisation refers to a sole practitioner, partnership, incorporated company, co-operative, consortium, charity or analogous entities operating outside the UK as appropriate.
·            Consortiums must respond to the questions providing details of all consortium members and not just the lead organisation.
·            “officer” refers to any main Directors of a Company, Partners of a Partnership, Trustees of a Charity, company secretary, partner, associate, trustee or other person occupying a position of authority or responsibility within the firm and who has authority to sign on behalf of the organisation for this contract.

    1. Firms not currently operating in the UK should, when answering each of the following questions, substitute where relevant the appropriate legislation/Codes of Practice, equivalent accreditations, appropriate professional, Registrar of Companies, commercial or other registrar applicable within their domestic jurisdiction.

3.     Organisations can find information on the Public Contract Regulations 2006 – General Exclusions Reg. 23, within (Question 2.1) (This is the original version of the Regulations – it is your responsibility to check as to whether this SI has been amended and to respond to the relevant question on the basis of the legally correct current version.)
Regulation 23 includes mandatory and discretionary exclusion criteria.
For Mandatory Exclusions:
If you cannot answer no to every question in this section it is very unlikely that your application will be accepted and you should contact us for advice before completing this form.
For Discretionary Exclusions:
If you cannot answer no to every question it is possible that your application might not be accepted and you should provide a full explanation in your submission.
4.     Financial Information – Section 3
Q3.1 – Equifax financial checks will be undertaken for all submissions by the council.  Any potential issues will be investigated and further information may be requested from the tenderer.  As assessment will be made based on acceptable risk for the council, if it is deemed that this risk is too great for the council to accept the submission will be marked a fail.

    1. Unless instructed otherwise when answering the questions, please give details, which specifically relate to your Organisation, not to the whole of the group if your firm forms part of a group.


    1. Please do not include general marketing or promotional material for your organisation either as answers to any of the following questions, as it will be considered as unanswered and you may be disqualified from consideration, or for any other reason.


    1. The copyright, in this questionnaire, is owned by, Halton Borough Council.  Please do not scan this document in or take copies of it except so far as is necessary to keep a record of your completed questionnaire.  If you tamper with this questionnaire in any way or attempt to change its wording you will be disqualified from consideration.


    1. The document contains Gateway Questions, which are shaded in Blue, this indicates that these questions are essential criteria and are Pass/Fail – bidders failing any of these criteria will not have their offer considered further.


    1. Please answer every question. If the question does not apply to you please write N/A and if you do not know the answer please write N/K if you fail to complete this questionnaire in full you may be disqualified from consideration.


    1. Please ensure answers are clearly indicated with a tick. Failure to do so may result in your document being disqualified from consideration.


    1. You MUST inform the Council of any changes to the information supplied or of any additional information between the date when you complete the questionnaire and the date when the contract starts.


    1. In order to simplify this process a limited number of statements or documents have been requested. Please mark clearly on enclosures the name of your organisation and the number of the question to which it relates.


    1. Satisfactory insurance cover in accordance with Council requirements must be in place at the commencement of the contract, the Council reserves the right to review those levels throughout the lifetime of the contracts.


    1. The Council reserves the right not to accept the lowest, or any submission.


    1. Halton Borough Council may abort the Advanced Request for Quotation (ARFQ) at any time, is not bound to accept any quotation and will not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for the costs suppliers incur in preparing the quotation.


    1. All questions relating to this quotation must be submitted via The Chest’s Question & Answer facility. Please refer to previously asked questions before asking a question as duplicate questions will not be answered.Both questions and answers will either be made public on The Chest or
      responded to directly to the originator depending on the content.


    1. Halton Borough Council will provide all bidders with their final ranked position only after the evaluation process is complete upon request via The Chests Question & Answer facility.


    1. Decisions are usually made 2 weeks following the closing date of the ARFQ.


    1. Acceptance of offers

 You should note that: –
a.     The Council reserves the right not to accept the lowest, or any, quotation
b.    The Council reserves the right to accept the whole or defined lots of the quotation without accepting the remainder.
c.     Acceptance of a quotation/award of contract will be by written communication from the Council.
20.  Access to information
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Council may be required to
disclose either information about your bid or the quotation itself, including your price or range of prices once a contract is awarded and information that you may  regard as commercially sensitive.  Requests for non-disclosure must accompany your tender and include clear and substantive justification together with a time limit when any confidential information could be disclosed.

21.  Transparency of spend
If you are awarded this contract, any individual payments made to you over £500 will be published in our transparency data on the Councils web page

    1. The Councils standard terms and conditions relating to orders and payment are available on the chest and acceptance of them is a requirement for trading with the Council. Additionally there may be further terms and conditions relating to the purchase of individual goods and services contained in the draft Contract enclosed as part of the RFQ. Suppliers are advised to fully consider these before submitting a quotation.
    1. Payment terms are 10 days for SMEs 30 days for other organisations via BACS

Suppliers who are registered with or may wish to register with the councils E-Tendering facility The Chest hosted by Due North can respond to this RFQ electronically.  Please use the following link
The Closing date for returning this document for submission is Friday 15th February 2012
at 11:00am
Halton Borough Council will provide all bidders with their final ranked position only after the evaluation process is complete.

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