Building Alterations Select Tender List

Building Alterations Select Tender List

Alterations to 39 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Alterations to 39 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley
Project:  Alterations to 39 Huddersfield Road, BarnsleyRef:  07-17-15-1-1203 (HSG 4414A)Estimated value: £475,000

Contract Start:  7 September 2015

Contract Duration: 34 Calendar Weeks

Description of Works: Conversion of an existing four storey Victorian villa of special interest in a Conservation area to provide 4nr extended and upgraded apartments and 1nr new basement apartment. Works include construction of a 3 storey traditionally brick built extension, major structural alterations, basement conversion works, underpinning and tanking works, and full internal refurbishment to current social housing standards. Extensive landscape work is required, including providing new retaining walls, to create patio garden space and off road car parking provision. The Contract will be awarded exclusively to a single Principal Contractor.

Closing date for application: 12.00 noon, Monday, 11 May 2015

NOTE: Applicants will need to register their interest against this procurement exercise. To pre-qualify applicants will also need to submit a completed selection questionnaire via YORtender.

The above information/relevant details include:

1. Applicants are to provide a list of projects, as defined in the selection questionnaire, to demonstrate their experience in carrying out works on similar projects.  This must include, as a minimum, completion date, value, description of the works, contract period, form of contract and client contact details.

NOTE:  References are required to be provided by the contacts listed for your experience and internal references will be used where applicable.

The Barnsley MBC Reference Template changed on the 30 April 2013 and any references (external or internal) on the old template are no longer valid.  References must be obtained and submitted using the new template, at Appendix A to the Selection Questionnaire.

Applicants not providing any of the above requested information will not proceed any further.

2. A copy of the most recent, unabbreviated financial accounts for your company and the ultimate parent company that cover the last two years of trading or for the period available, if trading for less than two years.

The financial accounts provided for assessment should be no more than nine months older than the bidder’s latest accounting year end date (in line with Companies House accounts filing requirements).

Please Note: Parent Company Accounts will be subject to the same checks as those applied to the bidder.  Where concerns are identified around the financial standing of the parent company, the interdependencies between the bidder and the parent will be considered and this may impact on the outcome of the financial assessment.

Where suitable financial accounts are not available (eg for a new company), please provide as much of the following information as possible:

• Interim and/or draft accounts
• Bankers statements and references
• Accountants references
• Management accounts
• Financial projections, including cash flow forecasts

3. Applicants should also note that registration with a Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) constituent body (such as CHAS) or equivalent is mandatory for all projects involving contractors/suppliers working on Council premises and/or contractors working on the Council’s behalf.

Applicants are required to provide certificates/evidence of registration under SSIP or equivalent approved scheme, including the additional category:

• Principal Contractor

Where your organisation is registered under SSIP but not registered for the additional category of Principal Contractor you must provide evidence/d etails of your ability/technical competence, experience and track record by submitting project information/Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans/client contact information and the like evidence where such roles have been undertaken.

Evidence of current CHAS registration in the above category is sufficient to demonstrate competency.

If applicants cannot provide certificates/evidence of registration under SSIP or equivalent approved scheme and evidence for the required category stated above, their application will fail.

In the event that Design, Demolition or Works to Highways/Public Footpaths categories are required – evidence of registration under SSIP or equivalent approved scheme will be a requirement of the tender documentation.


Method of Selection

The information provided shall be evaluated and scored.  The highest scoring organisations shall be ranked in order and form the select list to be invited to tender.  The select list will generally range from between 5 and 8 organisations, which could be extended in order to ensure adequate competition.

NOTE:  Section 1 of the selection questionnaire will be scored initially to produce a scored ranked list.  A maximum number of eight applicants will then be assessed against the

PASS/FAIL criteria in Sections 2 and 3.  If any bidder FAILS, the list may be extended to include the next highest ranking bidder.

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