Business Process Analysis Requirement

Business Process Analysis Requirement

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Construction and Real Estate, Printing and Publishing

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£40k – £50k

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05 December 2016

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16 December 2016

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16 January 2017

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31 March 2017



Since CQC’s differentiated approach to inspection was introduced in the 2014 Transformation Programme, our ability to meet our key performance indicators with regards to writing and publishing inspection reports has been a challenge. There have been a number of sector specific attempts at improving performance in this area with only limited long-term success. In 2017/18 we expect to publish in excess of 23,000 inspection reports. If CQC is to deliver sustainable improvements in report writing and meet the expectations of providers and the public, a more thorough analysis of the operational process is required. We are seeking to understand the factors that are currently impacting our ability to meet our KPIs.

A high-level, common process narrative was documented as part of the development of CQC’s Operating Model in 2014. Whilst this has provided an adequate baseline until now, it is acknowledged that the process has developed over the last two years and the systems in place to support the report writing process are inconsistent across the three sectors (Adult Social Care, Primary Medical Services and Hospitals). A more detailed and sector specific understanding is needed in order to help identify any waste, inefficiency or non-value added steps in the processes. CQC is seeking to procure expertise in business process analysis and redesign with a view to directly tackling our under-performance in report writing.

Alongside this project, CQC is commissioning a broader project to understand and document it’s as-is processes across all strands of its Operating Model – Register, Monitor, Inspect and Rate, Enforce and Independent Voice. The issues within this Invitation to Tender are being addressed separately due to the challenging nature of performance in this area and the need to be able to respond quickly to the changes required. The two projects are complementary and will be managed separately.


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