Business Support Content and Trainers

Business Support Content and Trainers

9 Lots. Lot 1 – Using Social Media for Business. Lot 2 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Lot 3 – Digital Marketing. Lot 4 – Cloud Technologies for Business.

Northumberland County Council
Business Support Content and Trainers
Arch Digital is project managing the deployment of the Northumberland superfast broadband infrastructure under the brand name iNorthumberland which aims to deliver superfast speeds to 91% of the premises within the county.  The project is jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013 Programme and Northumberland County Council.


Whilst the infrastructure is an important part of the project, raising awareness of the service and increasing the number of individuals and businesses accessing the service is key to maximising the use of the asset that in return generates the efficiencies and growth needed within the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) community throughout Northumberland.


To raise awareness of the infrastructure Arch Digital will implement a comprehensive programme of training modules through the delivery of a comprehensive Digital Business Support Scheme focussed on SMEs including Social Enterprises.  Due to the nature of the superfast broadband programme the primary focus of the training media is on-line via an e-Training portal.  This approach was chosen over the alternative traditional face-to-face workshops delivery method.  However we recognise the value of face-to-face delivery and intend to supplement the on-line training modules with face-to-face sessions, these will take the form of introductory workshops delivered by arch Digital employed business advisers and focus master class sessions delivered at the end of the learning by skilled trainers as procured through this Tender.


iNorthumberland is therefore seeking qualified trainers to create content related to specific topics as dictated by iNorthumberland.  These courses will be used as the core learning materials within the e-Training portal as well as creating the content the same trainers will be required to deliver up to 24×3 hour focus group/master class sessions (there may be scope to increase the number of master classes throughout the programme subject to client demand) to group of up to 8 individuals from SMEs.  These workshops will be specific to the subject matter and will be used as closure and consolidation of the support programme and a chance for SMEs to understand the new expertise they have gained whilst participating in the programme.


The Contract is being partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013 (ERDF) and under the terms of this funding, iNorthumberland is required to deliver certain business support outputs and results in relation to the project which relate to the stimulation of demand from SMEs for faster broadband services, such that it results in their increased productivity and levels of employment.


The Contract has been split into 9 lots.  Each lot relates to a specific subject area;


Lot 1 – Using Social Media for Business

Lot 2 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Lot 3 – Digital Marketing

Lot 4 – Cloud Technologies for Business

Lot 5 – Get More Enquiries and Sales from your Website Nationally and Internationally

Lot 6 – Understanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Lot 7 – Cyber Security

Lot 8 – Measuring On-line Success/Managing On-line PR Presence

Lot 9 – On-line Tendering for SMEs


Tenderers may apply for one or more lots.


It is anticipated a maximum of one organisation will be awarded a Contract under each lot.


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