Cambridgeshire Estates Non Contract Work 2013-2014 PQQ

Cambridgeshire Estates Non Contract Work 2013-2014 PQQ

The provision is for Estates non contract work for values between £30,000 for Cambridgeshire Constabulary / £50,000 for Bedfordshire Police and the OJEU tender threshold.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Cambs Estates Non Contract Work 2013-2014 PQQ
The provision is for Estates non contract work for values between £30,000 for Cambridgeshire Constabulary / £50,000 for Bedfordshire Police and the OJEU tender threshold.
An initial assessment is that the work may include the following separate tenders:Bedfordshire
Window replacement
Roof covering replacement
Internal alterations and refurbishments
Carpark resurfacing and reconstruction
External redecorations
Roof coverings
Car park/road resurfacing
Heating/ventilation upgrade/replacement
Small extensions
Internal alterations and refurbishments
Security fencing and access barriers

This is an expression of interest and questionnaire stage, not a full tender. The above list may be subject to change and is not exhaustive. If you are shortlisted this does not guarantee any work will be awarded.
You will be required to provide evidence which satisfies the following requirement either on Constructionline or in this questionnaire:
•           The minimum Public and Employers Insurance for most requirements will set at £10 million or above. Contractors All Risk Insurance will be preferred. You may also be requested to provide other insurance like Professional Indemnity and Product Liability Insurance if required in the tender.
•           Company details and financial details for three years showing a sound and ethical company.  We may also run a credit check which might lead to disqualification if a poor rating is received.
•          Companies will need their health and safety assessed by an SSIP scheme member or equivalent. You will submit a valid certificate (or in the case of CHAS a valid compliance letter) and also have acceptable equal opportunities and environmental evidence.
•           ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificated companies will be preferred as well as Companies members of relevant Trade Bodies / Professional Bodies up to a maximum of four.
•           For some tenders companies will have to possess current FGas and /or Gas Safe certificates and /or current NICEE membership.
•          A further shortlisting may include acceptable references.
Companies who are contributing to the Bedfordshire and /or Cambridgeshire social community will be preferred if there is a tied score.
We have published the same PQQ on the Bluelight Bedfordshire Police & Cambridgeshire Constabulary sites. The system reference for Bedfordshire Police is QTLE-96VDEX and for Cambridgeshire Constabulary is QTLE-96PEZA. If you are interested in tendering for both or either of the Police Forces you will have to express an interest for that force and submit the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for that Police Office. You are able to use and submit the same PQQ to both opportunities if you are interesting in tendering to both.

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