Carers Needs Assessments

Carers Needs Assessments


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Denbighshire County Council
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Emily Jones-Davies
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Part B – Service Specification

1. Introduction:

1.1 The Purchaser is looking to commission a Carers’ Needs Assessor Service for eligible Carers of adult service users who live in Denbighshire.

1.2 Definition of a Carer: A carer provides care for someone with a long term illness or disability, or for someone who is elderly and cannot manage on their own without support. The care provided is unpaid.

1.3 The Purchaser has a statutory duty under the Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000 and Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004 to offer a separate Assessment of a Carer’s needs where a Carer is providing regular and substantial care (eligible Carers) to an individual who has long term health or social care needs. This applies even where the cared for person refuses an assessment or service.

1.4 The Purchaser is continually looking at more flexible ways of supporting individuals, moving away from traditional services, to services that better meet the needs of individuals and promote independence, and are outcome focussed for individuals and their Carers. The Purchaser’s priorities are therefore the provision of community based, preventative services that support independence, reduce isolation, and are delivered within a reabling ethos.

1.5 The Provider must have extensive knowledge and experience of:

• supporting adult Carers

• legislation, local and national strategies relevant to Carers, & the assessment process

• services available to Carers in Denbighshire

• working jointly with social care and health agencies, including primary care and in particular GP practices

1.6 The Provider must be able to demonstrate they have a proven track record in providing services to Carers of the following groups of individuals:

• Older People

• Adults with learning disabilities

• Adults with physical or sensory impairments

• Adults with mental health conditions

• Adults of substance misuse

1.7 The Provider shall be able to demonstrate that they do not have vested interest in this service, i.e. where the Provider provides services directly to a service user (cared for person).

2. Aim of the Service:

2.1 The service aims to:

• provide eligible Carers with a holistic assessment of their needs

• identify new and ‘hidden’ Carers

• improve the range of outcomes for Carers following the needs assessment

• ensure a consistent approach to recording Carer assessments and Carer Services

• signpost the Carer to services available to meet the Carer’s assessed needs

• improve Carers’ experience of the assessment process

• give peace of mind for Carers in the case of an emergency

• prevent the deterioration of caring situation

• promote the service within Denbighshire in partnership with the Purchaser

2.2 The service will be available for eligible Carers of adult service users who live in Denbighshire, other than:

• Young Carers under 18

• Parent Carers of Children under the age of 18

2.3 The Carers’ Needs Assessors will have an effective working relationship with social care and adult mental health practitioners, and with appropriate voluntary sector organisations and all Health Agencies.

3. Service Provision:

3.1 Referrals to the service shall be from a variety of sources, including the provider, Acute and Community Mental Health Teams and self referrals.

3.2 The role of the Carers’ Needs Assessor is to:

• receive referral for Carers’ Needs Assessments via the Purchaser’s Client Management Information System

• carry out a holistic assessment of the carer’s needs

• determine the carer’s support needs

• consider how those needs can be met by adult and community services or other services, in the most cost effective and efficient way

• draw up a carer action plan based on outcomes, and assist Carers to link with appropriate statutory and voluntary services

• Record assessments and all services provided on the Carer’s record on the Purchaser’s Client Information System, PARIS

3.3 As part of the assessment process, the Carers’ Needs Assessor will also:

• Encourage Carers to register with the local Carers information service and take up a Carers Emergency Card and assist with registration processes

• Offer support to Carers and assist them to link with appropriate support services within statutory and voluntary agencies

• As far as possible, discuss, consider and record Carers’ contingency plans in the event of an emergency

• Ensure that the Carer’s consent is obtained, within the Carer’s Needs Assessment documentation, to share information with the referring Care Co-ordinator

• Provide the Carer with a copy of the Carer’s Needs Assessment and Carer’s Plan, together with a Carer’s Information Pack

3.4 Where the assessment identifies a need that would be provided by the Purchaser as additional or a change of services for the cared for person, the outcome of the assessment will be fed back to the referring Care Co-ordinator for re-assessment of the cared for person. Subject to Fair Access to Care eligibility criteria, will process the appropriate applications and commission any required service. If the cared for person is not known to the Purchaser, in agreement with the cared for person and the carer a referral to the Purchaser will be processed.

3.5 Carers Assessments must be carried out in accordance with the Purchaser’s Guidance and Procedure on Carers Assessments and Services (Copy of this procedure is available by the Purchaser upon request), which sets out the provisions of legislation. The Guidance also sets out eligibility for community care in Wales as specified in Fair Access to Care, which also sets the criteria for deciding eligibility for Carers’ services.

3.6 The Provider will be required to comply with the Denbighshire Information Security Policy (Copy of this Policy is available by the Purchaser upon request), at all times and the post holders will be required to sign the Denbighshire County Council Acceptable use statement.

3.7 On commencement of the Contract the Purchaser will provide training and access in the following areas:

• Denbighshire Client Management Information System (PARIS) – procedures and protocols

• Denbighshire ICT procedures and protocols (e-mails, intranet)

4. When will the Service be provided

4.1 The service shall be provided Monday to Friday, 5 days a week between the hours of 9am -5pm. However, due to the nature of the service it is expected that there will be a need for flexible working, as some assessments may require evening visits.

5. Service breakdown and projected hours

5.1 The Provider is expected to carry out and complete at least 400 Carer Assessments within a 12 month period.

5.2 The Purchaser anticipates an average of 7 hours to complete one assessment of need.

5.3 The implementation of the service is at the Provider’s discretion, however, the Purchaser is looking for a flexible and innovative approach to provide the appropriate level of service.

5.4 The Provider will have responsibility of the management of the workload and will prioritise the assessments appropriately. The following timescales are for guidance purpose only.

High Priority assessments within 7 working days from the date of referral

Medium Priority assessments within 15 working days from the date of referral

Low Priority assessments within 20 working days from the date of referral

5.5 It is the Provider’s responsibility to ensure that if any difficulties in the management of the workload or any issues around capacity should arise, then the Provider must inform the Purchaser with immediate effect.

5.6 The Purchaser will initially indicate the priority level for each assessment, however, the Provider may consider it necessary to re-prioritise assessments as circumstances dictate.

5.7 It is anticipated that follow up visits / telephone calls will required for the majority of carers following their assessment. The purpose of this would be to monitor progress made against Carer’s action plan and would usually take place within 3 months of assessment date, and 12 months where appropriate. This may form part of the quality assurance process stated in Part B, Clause 6.

5.8 All needs assessments shall remain the property of the Provider.

6. Where will the Service be provided

6.1 The Purchaser will provide office accommodation at two bases within their own buildings one situated in the North and the other in the South of the County. In addition, the Purchaser will provide access to the necessary IT equipment and stationery, including photocopying, postal facilities, and landline telephones. The provision of mobile phones and charges incurred will be the responsibility of the Provider.

6.2 The needs assessments will be carried out either at the above offices, the Provider’s premises, the home of the Carer or at another suitable venue by arrangement and agreement with the Carer.

6.3 For the purpose of 6.2 above, the Provider must have suitable premises or have access to a suitable facility within Denbighshire where required.

6.4 The Provider is expected to have a flexible approach to providing cover for the service across the whole county during times of annual leave, sickness and other absences.

7. Risk Assessing & Incident Reporting:

7.1 In addition to Part A, clause 23, of this Agreement, in relation to Health & Safety requirements, the Provider must also have a Lone Working and Risk Management Policy in place, together with a procedure for incident reporting. The Provider must ensure all incidents arising from the delivery of this service are reported as soon as practically possible to appropriate Social Services Officers (including Adult and Children’s Services).

8. Training & Staff Management

8.1 The Provider will develop and hold development and learning portfolios for all permanent staff.

8.2 The Provider will ensure that all staff relating to this service have received and will continue to receive up to date training to ensure that competencies are developed in response to changing needs, service developments and statutory requirements. It is expected that this will include;

• Induction training (this will be drawn up in agreement with the Purchaser)

• Regular assessment of training needs

• Skill based in-service training

• Meeting current legislative requirements

• Attitudes and values

• Lone working

• Risk Management

• Incident reporting

• Protection of Vulnerable Adults

8.3 The Provider will be eligible to access all training relevant to this Agreement held by the Purchaser.

8.4 Professional development and training expenses/costs for the Provider must be covered by the Provider; however, the Purchaser must allow reasonable time for the Provider to attend courses relevant to this Agreement.

8.5 The Provider shall notify the Purchaser of their intentions to take annual leave at least 1 week in advance of occurrence.

8.6 Where 1 week’s notice is not feasible, the Provider must notify the Purchaser of the annual leave at the earliest time possible.

8.7 Any discrepancies around the taking of annual leave will be discussed at the Review meetings or at such other times as either party feels necessary.

8.8 If long periods of absence occur (greater than 1 calendar month) due to sickness or annual leave it is expected that the Provider will endeavour to find suitable cover during the absence.

9. Quality Assurance:

9.1 The Provider will be expected to work to the Purchasers own Quality Assurance Framework and follow the process for the Quality Assurance Self Assessment form [Appendix 1]

9.2 In addition, the Provider and Purchaser will draw up and agree a questionnaire which the Provider will send out to Carers at the time of case closure.

9.3 The Purchaser will be responsible for collating the questionnaire findings on an annual basis as part of its own Quality Assurance Framework to inform effectiveness, efficiency and quality of services. The findings will be shared with the Provider.

9.4 The Provider may also be required to work in partnership with the Purchaser to formulate any specific evaluation of the service that may be required to inform future forecast of the service model.

9.5 The Provider will also ensure that employees receive regular supervision meetings and annual staff appraisals and shall be expected to record and date such meetings. A record of meetings will be available to the Purchaser upon request. Any issues in relation to specific Carers referred by the Purchaser must be referred back to the Care Co-ordinator.

9.6 The Provider will have in place appropriate discipline and grievance procedures and will provide copy of this policy / procedure to the Purchaser if requested.

9.7 The Provider will regularly review their Policies and Procedures, in particular Complaints, Whistle Blowing and Health and Safety policies.

9.8 Carers should expect that their privacy is strictly respected by the Provider and all support workers, and that nothing concerning them is discussed or passed to other parties other than in circumstances set out in this Service Specification.

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SECTION IV: Administrative Information

Instructions to suppliers

Deadline for queries regarding the tender must be received by 18th June 2012.

Denbighshire will respond to queries by 20th June 2012

The Authority’s view is that the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (“TUPE”) may apply to any contract or agreement arising from this tender exercise. It is the responsibility of any prospective provider to make their own enquiries as to whether the regulations apply to this opportunity.

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