Case Study Writing Tender

Case Study Writing Tender

To support the effective marketing of the Agile Nation project, a supplier is being sought to write a number of case studies based on the experiences and benefits derived by individual women and businesses that have participated in the Agile Nation project.

Procurer reference: Case Study Writing – JJ/27-06-12
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Case Study Writing Tender
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Case Study Writing – JJ/27-06-12
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92312211 – Writing agency services.
79342000 – Marketing services.
79415200 – Design consultancy services.
22120000 – Publications.
79419000 – Evaluation consultancy services.

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SECTION I: Details of the Request for Quote
Description of the RFQ



To support the effective marketing of the Agile Nation project, a supplier is being sought to write a number of case studies based on the experiences and benefits derived by individual women and businesses that have participated in the Agile Nation project.

Submissions are sought based on the following information.

The Tender

Chwarae Teg requires the services of an experienced supplier to produce case studies in accordance with the following tender requirements.

We are seeking to appoint a supplier who will produce case studies on an ongoing basis from June 2012 to January 2014 to illustrate the following:

• The Ascent Programme for women. Case studies that highlight the journey the individual women have undertaken on the programme. Including the benefits she has achieved, whilst also qualifying her positive experience of taking part in the programme. The aim being to offer genuine encouragement to other women to consider joining the programme.

• The Evolve Programme for business. Case studies that strongly focus on the tangible benefits the business has gained by taking part in the programme. Such benefits are likely, although not exclusively, to include the benefit from implementing remote working, the benefits being derived from receiving support in developing an Equality and Diversity strategy, the benefits of using the consultancy support offered by the programme and the benefits of attending the Evolve workshop. Although we fully acknowledge that there are likely to be other benefits that also constitute added value that will also be developed as case studies.

• Please note, this is not prescriptive and Chwarae Teg will provide the appointed supplier with a full brief at the time of appointment.

• For each case study the content to be delivered will:

o Be between 400 and 450 words in length

o Be used for Web content and printed A4 case studies

o Use agreed headings to allow the case study to be applied to an Agile Nation branded template

o Also include a standalone testimonial quote for use across social media and the Agile Nation website

o Be used by our PR supplier as the basis for press releases

• Each case study will be developed using the following process:

o Potential case studies will be identified by the Agile Nation teams from across Wales

o The chosen supplier will be provided with the contact details for the woman or business the case study is to feature. A synopsis to outline the reason why they have been selected will also be supplied

o The marketing team will contact the case study participant in advance to gain their permission, and to advise them that they will be contacted by an external supplier to interview them to gain the information needed to write-up their case study

o We envisage these interviews will be undertaken by telephone, negating the need for any travel or additional expenses to be incurred by the supplier

o The supplier is to confirm to the Chwarae Teg Marketing Manager the agreed interview date

o In each instance the first draft of the case study is to be delivered electronically to the Chwarae Teg Marketing Manager within 7 working days of the interview date

o Once the case study has been prepared it will be forwarded to the Chwarae Teg Marketing Manager and Agile Nation Project Manager. They will proof it and feedback any amendments that are needed. Ideally there should only need to be one round of amendments

o The supplier will then pass the copy to the case study participant for their approval

o Once approved by Chwarae Teg and the participant, the final copy will be the property of Chwarae Teg Agile Nation to be used at our discretion.

• Timings:

o We envisage up to 40 case studies being produced running from June 2012 to January 2014.

o Please note this is the maximum number of case studies that will be delivered by this tender. However Chwarae Teg does reserve to right to commission any number of case studies from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 40 from the chosen supplier. This is to ensure we can supply the strongest possible case studies at the most appropriate time.

o Timescales will be by mutual agreement with the chosen supplier.

• Supplier Appointment:

o Chwarae Teg will appoint one supplier to produce these case studies

o However, Chwarae Teg will reserve the right to use alternative suppliers identified through this tender exercise should it choose to do so for whatever reason

o The appointed supplier should therefore understand they will be commissioned to work on a per case study basis

o This will form part of the written contract that will be established between both parties.

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Chwarae Teg
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Mr John Jackson
1st Floor Anchor Court , Keen Road,
CF24 5JW
02920 478900
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