Cash Register Request for Quote

Cash Register Request for Quote

Halton Borough Council would like to purchase the following: x 1 Samsung/Sam4s ER 420M Cash Register.

Halton Borough Council
Samsung/Sam4s ER 420M Cash Register
Halton Borough Council would like to purchase the following:
x 1 Samsung/Sam4s ER 420M Cash Register
The quotes will be evaluated 100% on price.
Halton Borough Council may abort the Advanced Request for Quotation (ARFQ) at any time, is not bound to accept any quotation and will not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for the costs suppliers incur in preparing the quotation.All questions relating to this quotation must be submitted via The Chest’s Question & Answer facility. Please refer to previously asked questions before asking a question as duplicate questions will not be answered.Both questions and answers will either be made public on The Chest or
responded to directly to the originator depending on the content.Halton Borough Council will provide all bidders with their final ranked position only after the evaluation process is complete upon request via The Chests Question & Answer facility.

Decisions are usually made 2 weeks following the closing date of the ARFQ.

Acceptance of offers
You should note that: –

a. The Council reserves the right not to accept the lowest, or any, quotation

b. The Council reserves the right to accept the whole or defined lots of the quotation without accepting the remainder.

c. Acceptance of a quotation/award of contract will be by written communication from the Council.

The Council reserves the right the purchase goods/services outside of this contract from other providers/suppliers.

This Contract is not an exclusive provider/supplier contract

Access to information
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Council may be required to
disclose either information about your bid or the quotation itself, including your price or range of prices once a contract is awarded and information that you may regard as commercially sensitive. Requests for non-disclosure must accompany your tender and include clear and substantive justification together with a time limit when any confidential information could be disclosed.

Transparency of spend
If you are awarded this contract, any individual payments made to you over £500 will be published in our transparency data on the Councils web page

The Councils standard terms and conditions relating to orders and payment are available on the chest and acceptance of them is a requirement for trading with the Council. Additionally there may be further terms and conditions relating to the purchase of individual goods and services contained in the draft Contract enclosed as part of the RFQ. Suppliers are advised to fully consider these before submitting a quotation.

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