Forensic Services

Forensic Services for HMRC

Forensic Services for HMRC The Client requires managed forensic science services that will support investigations including questioned documents, DNA analysis, examination of road oil fuel, examination of drug traces on money and digital and telecommunications analysis. Includes details of Supplier Event.

Supply of Forensic Services

Supply of Forensic Services The North East Police Forces are seeking to award a Framework Agreement for the provison of Forensic Services. A Supplier Briefing Event will be held in Wakefield on Friday 10th August. Further details can be found below.

Provision of Criminal Justice Healthcare Services

Provision of Criminal Justice Healthcare Services 1) criminal justice healthcare services [including custody suites] across a number of Derbyshire Constabulary locations, 2) forensic examination to SARC locations for victims of serious sexual assault and/or rape, 3) such other additional related work as may reasonably be required and the ITT refers to.

Forensic Services Staffordshire Police Authority

Forensic Services Staffordshire Police Authority To provide a responsive, demand driven healthcare service to detainees, voluntary attendees and where applicable police officers, police staff and contracted persons injured in the course of performing their duty in regard to the detainee, and to victims, primarily of rape or serious sexual assault.