Catering Contract PQQ – London

Catering Contract PQQ – London

To provide catering services to 2 schools in London.

PQQ For Catering Contract

Contract summary



  • School catering services – 55524000

Location of contract

SE28 8AT

Procurement reference

Catering Feb 2020

Published date

10 February 2021

Closing date

9 March 2021

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PolyMAT became a multi academy trust on the 1 August 2014. The MAT is committed to providing an outstanding education to all children, of all ages in Thamesmead and the surrounding areas.
It is important that all schools in the MAT retain their own identity and that they actively promote this in the local community and encourage earned autonomy. The MAT will work hard to forge partnerships that mean all schools work collectively.

Academies included in the tender:

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls
1 Birchdene Drive, Thamesmead, London SE28 8RF
Student Roll 1,200 when full. Expecting 720 in September 2021and growing by 24 each year until full.
Year Groups 7-11
Predicted turnover when full £250,000
• A hot and cold breakfast provision between 7.30 – 8.30am
• A free snack at breaktime (10.50-11.05am) that is included in the daily meal price
• Family dining at lunchtime (no canteen service) (12.45 – 1.25pm) to comprise either a healthy delicious meat or fish option, alongside a comparable vegetarian meal. Fresh salad or vegetables to accompany the meal. A cold or warm dessert that can be placed on the dining tables in advance of service. Jugs of water also to be placed on the dining tables, in advance of service. One student per table will collect the food and any leftovers will be returned at the end of service.
• It is paramount that the Chef understands creating tasty food that is delicious and is relevant to the needs/wants of our students.
• A quick lunch service is required where 2 year groups will eat at the same time and straight after another year group will eat. This means the catering team must be highly organised and efficient.

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys
Hutchins Road, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8AT
Student Roll Currently 1,549 and expected to remain fairly constant.
Year Groups 7-13
Predicted turnover £300,000
Breakfast service from 7.30am
Morning Break from 10.30am
Lunch 1 sitting commencing at 12.30pm
• A hot and cold breakfast provision between 7.30-7.15am
• Cafeteria style, healthy snacks at breaktime (10.30 – 10.50am)
• Cafeteria style lunches with one hot meat/fish main course and a vegetarian alternative. Also available pasta, jacket potatoes with various fillings and a salad bar. One dessert per day.
• Healthy drinks should be available for pupils.
• A sandwich bar open at break and lunchtime.
• Two outside sandwich pods for break and lunchtime.
• A café style provision for staff and visitors that should be manned from 7.00 – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. Food should include paninis, sandwiches, pastries, fruit and chocolate bars.

PolyMAT is placing the school’s catering contract out to competitive tender by inviting professional catering companies to bid for the contract. The contract will be awarded following due process on the 10 May 2021 for a commencement date of 1 August 2021.
The contract will be awarded to one company.


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Alexa Rendell


Woolwich Polytechnic School Hutchins Road