Catering Services in Educational Establishments

Catering Services in Educational Establishments 2012 – 2016

The subject of this expression of interest, centres on the establishment of 2 framework agreements for the delivery of catering services to up to 279 school sites across the county.
Kent County Council
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23/01/2012 16:00:00
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10/02/2012 17:00:00

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Contract for Catering Services in Educational Establishment 2012-2016

KCC is a four star authority; delivering one of the lowest council tax rates of any County Council. Bold Steps for Kent is our new medium term plan to 2014/15. It is a blueprint for the future of local government and local public service delivery. At the heart of Bold Steps for Kent is the need to change the way we work, not only to improve our own services, but also to reflect the changing shape of wider public services.  Our priority in Strategic Sourcing & Procurement is to improve how we procure and commission services. We aim to do this by:

·         Delivering value for KCC by reducing cost or improving results for the same cost
·         Managing risk through developing clear processes and appropriate governance
·         Helping the Kent Economy Grow through helping local business to realise their full potential

The subject of this expression of interest, centres on the establishment of 2 framework agreements for the delivery of catering services to up to 279 school sites across the county. The frameworks will be split between “Kitchen” and “Servery only” contract groups.  “Kitchen” meaning schools with facilities for the preparation, storage and delivery of the Services and “Servery only” meaning schools with limited or no on-site production facilities, where pre-prepared food is transported to them for plating and serving. The frameworks will be awarded for a period of four (4) years and are expected to start on 1st August 2012.

Each framework agreement will have individual lots.  A lot means a geographical group of schools.  There will be up to 13 lots under each framework and each lot will be made up of between 5 and 25 individual schools (or “Contracting Bodies”). In addition, under the “Kitchen” framework there will be a further 9 individual school lots.

The framework agreements will form the basis on which individual schools may order services. The size of lots and of individual schools varies considerably and more detailed information will be provided at tender stage, along with opportunities for indicative site visits to some but not all schools within the County of Kent.

Indicative lots information can be found on the attached document.

Where applicable and where all food and beverages provided by the contractor will be charged at the point of service or in advance, the contractor shall be responsible for the collection of monies from the sale of specified items The contractor must be able to demonstrate that it has the experience and capability to undertake this aspect of the service delivery.

The Contracting Bodies may use their absolute discretion in utilising the framework agreement and order services from the Contractor at any time during the term of the framework agreement. There is no obligation to purchase any Services from the Contractor during the term, therefore, no undertaking of any form shall be been made by the KCC in respect of the total quantities or values of the services to be ordered by them.

You are advised to consider carefully the staff recruitment and retention issues that may arise across the different school groups.  The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, (‘TUPE Regulations’) may apply as a matter of law and it is for each contractor to form their own view on this. You are advised that catering staff who may transfer to the contractor in accordance with the TUPE Regulations may currently be employed by any of the following, Kent County Council, the Governing Body of a voluntary aided or of a foundation school, an Academy or an existing private sector contractor.  In accordance with the TUPE Regulations 2006, the contractor (“the ‘Transferee’) and the existing employer (‘the Transferor’) shall be responsible for ascertaining and complying with all TUPE requirements relating to the provision of the Services.

Expression of Interest & Selection Process

We are seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced contractors who are interested in working with KCC to deliver this service.  Respondents may express their interest in lots in one or other or both of the framework agreements (please indicate this with your response), but must take account of the tender evaluation model stipulated in this advert.

Any applicant wishing to be considered for inclusion on the select tender list will be required to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). The PQQ will include questions on technical competence and experience, financial and economic standing, provision of references and other technical information.

The Council propose to reach a tender shortlist through this PQQ process.  Contractors will need to register on the South East Business Portal to express their interest and access the PQQ documentation which must be completed and submitted through the portal no later than 17:00 on Friday 10th February 2012.

Closing date for Expression of Interest via completion of the PQQ documentation is 17:00 on Friday 10th February 2012.

Companies who reach the tender shortlist through the PQQ process will then be invited to tender for the provision of the service during February-March 2012.  KCC considers these framework agreements to fall within Part B, Category 17 Services and as such applicable OJEU procedures shall be applied.

Tender Evaluation Model

All tenders received will be considered on the information contained in the tender or obtained by KCC as a direct result of the tender process.  Submissions will be assessed on the basis of most economically advantageous offer which will take account of the contractor’s ability to meet the relevant regulations and proven expertise and experience in the area of the service for which he is tendering.  Respondents should note that each framework and lot will be evaluated separately; however, consideration will be given to tenders which demonstrate optimal value for money by bidding across frameworks and lots. KCC will make one award per lot.  This factor should be born in mind by all respondents.