CCTV Tender London Borough of Croydon

CCTV Tender London Borough of Croydon

Croydon Council owns a CCTV and out of hours service control room for the management and operation of these services. Croydon
CCTV and Out of Hours Service

Croydon Council owns a CCTV and out of hours service control room for the management and operation of these services. The Council’s CCTV division is a key strategic asset for community safety partners to dealing with crime and the fear of crime. A contractor is required to supply a fully managed service including supervision and trained and SIA licensed operators to manage and operate the 24-hour CCTV control room at Taberner House, Croydon. The service is currently provided in-house.
The contractor is expected to have a proven track record in CCTV control room management or duties of a similar nature and will be the single point of contact for all CCTV and related services within the scope of this contract. The contractor is to be responsible for the day to day running of the CCTV control rooms, including compliance with all relevant legislation, client liaison, housekeeping, management of data, fault reporting on the whole system and dealing with some technical issues relating to the use of the system.
The Croydon Council CCTV control room is responsible for the council’s community safety CCTV systems that includes ‘town centre’ PTZ cameras, school and other premises CCTV systems and a re-locatable camera scheme. At present there are about 105 cameras in the town centres and five systems in schools but this may vary with either the addition of further or the removal of cameras and systems during the contract term. It is also responsible for the Council’s out-of-hours service that includes the Council’s contact centre and key holding service.
The services will include but not be limited to:-
·        Management and operation of the CCTV camera control and recording systems;
·        Management and operation of the Croydon Council contact centre out of hours;
·        Management and operation of the council’s key holding service;
·        Management and operation of the Council’s trunk radio system;
·        Initiation of the call out procedures and supporting role in the event of a borough emergency;
·        Monitoring CCTV systems during out of hours from schools and, the car pound and a Social Service Refuge fitted with a panic alarm;
·        Identifying and reporting incidents to the police and other agencies;
·        Liaison with partner agencies including use of the Metropolitan Police radios;
·        Preparation on video evidence for enforcement agencies and other requests for video images and information;
·        Operation of the town centre radio systems;
·        Loan worker management
·        Identifying and reporting equipment faults to the council’s contractors and service suppliers;
·        control of “out of hours” access to the building;
·        Response to alarms; and Technical advice.
Please Note: Any requests for clarification or further information during tender preparation should be submitted via the Question and Answer Facility on the e-tendering system. No approach of any kind in connection with this tender should be made
to any other person within, or associated with the council.

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Ms Mope Akinbolagbe
Email Address:
10th Floor, North West Side, Taberner House
Park Lane
United Kingdom
Key Dates
26/03/2012 13:00
25/04/2012 12:00
Other Information
Estimated Value (£):
60 (months)
24 (months)