Coal Tender

Coal Tender

2.5 Million Tonnes of Coal for Export to Asia.

I am working with a consultant whose “blue chip” corporate client requires: 2.5 million Tonnes of coal (1 million tonnes – 10 million tonnes; ideally 3 million) for export to Asia required, for April 2013 onwards. It must be less than 5000 Kcal per Kg.

Annual requirement 2.5 million – 3 million tonnes.

Can be supplied via a “consortium” of mines if desired, subject to price?

Due to the technical specification this may be sourced on a global basis, appears here to provide local (UK) mines with an opportunity to supply.

We shall arrange shipping/logistics.

For more information, please email
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Closing Date: 31/07/2012
Location: Export – Asia

Posted by: Kip S. Johal, BA (Hons) (Wales), CeCM – Corporate Finance Broker, Napier-munroe Limited