Community Archaeology Project Sefton – Request for Quote

Community Archaeology Project Sefton – Request for Quote

We would like local communities to be excited and curious about the history and archaeology of our coast and give them reason to walk or visit it to learn more about it.

Sefton Council
ARFQ-Community Archaeology Project
The Sefton coastline is over 20 miles long and runs from Crossens in the north to Crosby in the south. It includes a variety of habitats; sandy beaches, coastal marshes, pine woodlands, sand dunes, promenades, golf courses, heathland and tidal estuaries – all rich in wildlife and steeped in history.


Along its route there are views across the Irish Sea to Wales and the Lake District. We want to raise awareness of the historical features and the landscape of the coast.

We would like local communities to be excited and curious about the history and archaeology of our coast and give them reason to walk or visit it to learn more about it.


We are therefore inviting creative and imaginative proposals for a project that does this.

We have two parts to this project, a community element and also a survey.



Specification/Project brief


Lot 1 Community element, Max budget £5000.


Over the duration of the projects so far we have run several digs, which have proved immensely popular so we are looking to build on these with further community involvement.

The Council is open to suggestions for this part of the project, so your project could be a dig, surveying, mapping or field walking activities either of historic buildings or the landscape.

I could be any combination of these or something else entirely, as long as it achieves or contributes to our aims and can be delivered within the resources available.

You will need to produce a report of the activities in a format(s) suitable for both the land owners and participants. It has to be community based through all the stages of the project, and be suitable for all ages and abilities.


A second small part of the community element is a survey of the remains of a ship wreck on the beach. Due to the nature of the site, this part of the project will only be suitable for a small number of participants. Having carried out similar surveys in the past it is ideal for the local community to be involved in. We would like to discover the extent of the remains using magnometry and also investigate part of the remains with a dig, working closely with the land owners and the LP team to meet their requirements. The remains are timber so we are looking for the inclusion of a dendrochrological survey. We envisage no more than three days on site, with time before and after for preparation and follow up report.


Our aims for the community element of the project are:


1). To increase the number of people, from the audiences stated later in this specification,   discovering and learning about the coast’s history.


2). To raise awareness of the coast’s historical features.


3). To engage local people from Sefton, from harder to reach groups such as young people, older people, ethnic minorities,LGBT community and people with disabilities. We are looking to work with a minimum of 50 prople on the project.


4). To leave, following the project, something that continues to deliver the above aims or can maintain some interest that has been created.


5). To involve our partners and their sites/facilities.


6). To involve volunteers in the project.


7).To input into a Sefton Coastal Festival in August 2015.


For the community element of the project you could work with any theme to do with the history of the Sefton Coast.


Themes could vary to reflect local historical features and individual sites and also the site manager’s requirements.

However, themes that do not have a very strong connection and relevance to the history of the Sefton Coast will not be considered.


Anyone can submit a proposal, but we are looking for imaginative and creative ideas that can be delivered within the constraints and resources described in this brief.


You will need to have a track record in delivering and have the management, finance and legal structure to deliver your project.

You will need to demonstrate how you will actively recruit participants and which audiences you will target.You will also need to demonstrate how you will report/record the project in a way that is accessible to all.


Proposals will need to cover the history within the coastal area, proposals for areas away from the coast or that does not clearly include community participation, will not be considered.


Our role The Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership is run by two staff who will work with you to facilitate the project within the resources available.


We have a number of key partners who have expressed an interest in being involved and supporting in some way.




The project is to start ASAP and must be completed by the end of August 2015, with the option for final reporting to be completed by the end of September 2015.


If the project can be sustained in some way after this date, for example a web page or exhibition, your proposal must explain how this is to be maintained and funded.


The Council will not be able to pay for this element of the project after 2015.





Lot 2 Survey element, Max budget £2000.


We would like a geophysical survey and report of the remains of Formby Lifeboat Station, as it is believed there may be the remains of the previous Lifeboat Station buildings on the site.

The remains of the Lifeboat station are situated on Formby Beach. The remains are of a brick structure, but it is thought that there are possibly two previous structures on the site, either below the current remains or very close by. It is thought one of the previous structures is timber and the other brick.

We are looking for a geophysical survey or combination of surveys that offer the best options for discovering the extent of any remains of the current and previous Lifeboat buildings, both above and below ground.

The current remains are located on a public beach in the tidal zone. You will need to work closely with the land owner regarding access and any required consents.


Funding for Lot1 & Lot2

The project is funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

Funding claims must be submitted on Heritage Lottery Forms which will be provided; the forms require records of spending throughout the project as agreed in the project application, details of public participation and feedback, photographic evidence and final project report. Claims are submitted to HLF quarterly, claims for this project will be submitted in October 2015.

These forms will be provided when the project starts.


·         Sefton Council reserves the right to award both lots to a single supplier or to two suppliers.

Mr Stuart Bate
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