Community Drug Programme Online Market Engagement Event 26 October 2022

An online market engagement event is planned for 26th October 2022 at 1.30pm which potential suppliers are invited to express an interest in should they wish to find out more the opportunity and the planned procurement.

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The Community Drug Programme Online Market Engagement Event 26th October 2022 1.30pm
321000 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Adult
321100 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Children
410000 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services

Liverpool City Council is seeking to re-procure its Community Drugs service. The service. An online market engagement event is planned for 26th October 2022 at 1.30pm which potential suppliers are invited to express an interest in should they wish to find out more the opportunity and the planned procurement. (this contract) will exist as part of a rich network of support organisations and as such will be delivered at different levels (specialist, targeted and universal) with interventions and care ‘phased’ and ‘layered’ in accordance with the individual treatment and recovery plan to meet individual need and maximize positive outcomes. The Provider will be directly responsible for the effective delivery of the following specific elements: • Pharmacological / substitute prescribing (non-complex) • Psychosocial Interventions & Counselling • Prevention & Harm reduction interventions • Recovery support interventions • Criminal Justice Interventions – Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR) • Assessment and preparation for Inpatient detoxification and stabilisation and residential rehabilitation. • Employment, Training & Education • Outreach and Community Engagement • Programme delivery – ADDER • Programme delivery – IPS • Young People’s Drug & Alcohol Service (*) The provider will also be expected to support the delivery of both the ISP and the ADDER programmes locally. (*) The Provider is expected to articulate two discreet service functions – a Children and Young People’s Service and an Adult Service with clear systems, processes and support in place for those in transition between the two. For the purposes of this Specification, the term Young People refers to young people aged between 10-19 years of age. Those aged 20-24 years are Young Adults. The Provider will address the transition phase in the continuum of services by offering a service for 20-24 year olds that delivers an effective link between young people’s (19 years old and under) and adult services. This element of the service will maximise the opportunity to engage those aged 20-24 years with appropriate advice, support and treatment. In relation to new entrants into treatment aged over 18 years, the service they are taken into will be determined by the needs of the client and safeguarding concerns. For clarity, the services that are OUTSIDE THE SCOPE of this procured include the following: • Community Alcohol Treatment Service • Alcohol Care Team • Structured Day Programme • Criminal Justice – Drug Rehabilitation Requirement • Prescribing and contracting with GPs for Shared Care [provided through a Local Enhanced Service (LES)] • Pharmacy Payment and Contracting – Needle & Syringe Programme [provided through a Local Enhanced Service (LES)] • Pharmacy Payment and Contracting – Supervised consumption [provided through a Local Enhanced Service (LES)] • Prescribing/Medicine and Dispensing costs • Residential Rehabilitation • In patient detoxification and stabilisation services for drug and alcohol • Supported Accommodation The Provider will ensure effective integration with those services which are not included in the current re-procurement process and also with the wider health and wellbeing agenda. In addition to providing specialist substance misuse treatment, the Provider will also ensure that each individual is supported to draw upon, develop and enhance his or her ‘recovery capital’, in line with the previous National Drug Strategies, building their resources to start and sustain recovery from drug and alcohol dependence, including through: • Social capital; the resource a person has from their relationships (e.g., family, partners, children, friends, and peers). This includes both support received, and commitment and obligations resulting from relationships. • Physical capital; Such as money and a safe place to live (e.g. financial assets, stable accommodation). • Human capital; Skills, mental and physical health, and a job / employment, education • Cultural capital; Values, beliefs and attitudes held by the individual. As this service will commence during significant change and transition within the local and national public sector, elements of this service specification maybe subject to change. Liverpool City Council (LCC) will work closely with the Provider during the lifetime of the contract to ensure the specification remains relevant to both those who use the service and the partnership it links into. The provider must recognise the need to be responsive to changing needs and emerging trends within Liverpool – this may include emerging need, new technologies, changing population profile, and/or changing behaviours. The service is required to be provided across the city in a range of settings by a multi–disciplinary team of clinical and non-clinical professionals.

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United Kingdom
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drug service, advocacy, peer support, public health

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Liverpool City Council
Jayne Whitehead
0151 233 3000
4th Floor, Cunard Building
L3 1DS
United Kingdom


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From 18/10/2022 13:00 to 25/10/2022 12:00

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