Community Grants – Advice Services – Lancashire

Community Grants – Advice Services – Lancashire

To reduce potential demand for crisis services by early intervention and prevention.

Opportunity Id
West Lancashire Borough Council – Community Grants – Advice Services
200000 – Financial Services
201700 – Grants
321010 – Advice, Advocacy & Counselling Services
322002 – Advice & Counselling
Background Following a review of its support to voluntary organisations, the Council is supporting services for the provision of Information/Advice/Money/Debt services within the Borough through the provision of a Grant. The Grant will commence from 1 April 2020 for a maximum 3 year period, subject to annual budget processes and satisfactory progress in meeting the outcomes and the indicative measures by the successful Bidder. Outcomes Information/Advice/Money/Debt services have been identified as areas of critical need. The Council’s investment is expected to help to deliver the following outcomes:- • Support independent living by empowering residents to self-manage (social impact/financial impact) • To reduce potential demand for crisis services by early intervention and prevention • Improve health & wellbeing of residents • Increase the digital skills of residents • Support networking/partnership arrangements between local/national organisations with particular emphasis on local service providers Indicative Measures The following measures should be evidenced: • Number of individuals achieving a positive outcome e.g. tenancy sustained, debt management plan agreed, employment/training secured, household financially sustainable/budgeting plan agreed & adhered to etc • Improved wellbeing of service users • Increased satisfaction rating in client satisfaction statistics • Increased number of tenants accessing services on-line • Increased number of appropriate referrals into employability programmes for West Lancashire. • Increased number of appropriate referrals into health and wellbeing service for West Lancashire. Bidders will be required to provide proposed Key Performance Indicators for each of the Indicative Measures prior to commencement of the Grant period for each year.
Region(s) of supply
Chorley and West Lancashire
Estimated value
debt, advice, money

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West Lancashire Borough Council
The Procurement Department

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From 13/11/2019 13:30 to 09/12/2019 14:00