Conservatives’ Historic General Election Victory

Conservatives’ Historic General Election Victory

The Conservative Party general election victory on Thursday, 12 December 2019 was the most emphatic win since Mrs Thatcher’s in 1987. The Labour Party suffered its most comprehensive defeat since 1935, and the ‘Red Wall’ of Labour supporting constituencies – previously believed unassailable – has fallen to the Conservatives. In Scotland the SNP regained some of the ground lost in 2017 and secured its best result since 2015. It was a poor election for the Liberal Democrats, who lost not only 10 seats but their leader as well. The Brexit Party did not win a single seat.


The results were as follows:

Conservatives: 365

Labour: 203

SNP: 48

Liberal Democrats: 11

Others: 23


The immediate consequence is there is now a clear majority for Brexit, and the Brexit process will be pushed through, having been held back for the previous 3 years.


Boris Johnson gave a short victory speech outside number 10, Downing Street, on Friday, 13 December:


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, was quick to congratulate Boris Johnson on his victory: