Consultancy Services for Bury Council – Request for Quotation

Consultancy Services for Bury Council – Request for Quotation

You are invited to submit a Quotation for ‘Consultancy Services in 2 Lots.

Opportunity Id
Request for quotation for consultancy services in 2 lots
150000 – Consultancy
190000 – Facilities & Management Services
You are invited to submit a Quotation for ‘Consultancy Services in 2 lots:’ as detailed in the attached documentation. The Quotation document(s) comprise the following documents: • RFQ – Consultancy Services, Divided into 2 lots: (Lot 1) To Provide Project Management Services To Deliver the Relocation of Staff from 4 Buildings (Lot 2) To Provide Advice and Recommendations to Rationalise Facilities Management Activity for the Council Please ensure that the following documents, contained within the quotation document, are fully completed and are included in your quotation submission • Section 6 – Response to Requirements • Section 8 – Selection Questionnaire • Section 9 – Pricing schedule • Section 11 – Declaration Please download the document(s) to your PC, complete and upload your completed document(s) onto The Chest as part of your submission. Failure to provide all of the items listed may invalidate your submission. All submissions must be fully uploaded onto The Chest by: 12.00 noon on Friday, 15th March 2019. Please ensure you have allowed sufficient time, prior to the submission closing time and date, for uploading your documents onto ‘The Chest’. Only once all documents are uploaded will the time of your submission be recorded. Under no circumstances will submissions be considered with times recorded after the closing time and date. It is not the time you start uploading your documents that’s important it’s the time they have all been received. Please only submit documents requested. Additional documentation, e.g. promotional information will not be considered, and will extend the upload time of your submission.
Region(s) of supply
Greater Manchester
Estimated value
Consultancy, Facilities Management

Key dates

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Contact details

Bury Council
John Mulpeter
0161 253 6175
Town Hall

Expression of interest window

From 25/02/2019 10:00 to 15/03/2019 12:00