Consultant Healthy Schools Advisers Northamptonshire

Consultant Healthy Schools Advisers Northamptonshire

If this stage generates enough interest from schools we will recruit to up to three posts of “Healthy Schools Adviser” for the pilot period starting in September 2014.


Consultant Healthy Schools Advisers
Awarding body Northamptonshire County Council



EST. START DATE: 03/06/2014
EST. END DATE: 11/07/2014


From April 2013 the responsibility for Public Health passed from the NHS to local authorities, which for Northamptonshire is Northamptonshire County Council (NCC).

NCC has appointed a Director of Public Health and Wellbeing (DPH), incorporating the statutory public health role into a broader remit promoting the wellbeing of everyone in Northamptonshire by helping them to stay healthy and avoid illness.

Northamptonshire is the fifth fattest county in England (overweight or obese). Almost one in ten children in Northamptonshire are obese when they start school, rising to more than one in six by Year 6. Accordingly, childhood obesity is an issue that the DPH is keen to tackle and improve.

A small team is being formed to deliver pilot work with volunteer primary schools to start to improve nutrition and activity levels generally in Key Stage 2 children, as well as with focussed groups of children. The pilot will initially run for 12 months. Improving nutrition and activity levels has been proven to lead to improved cognitive ability and behaviour, which ultimately will help schools improve their Ofsted assessments in areas such as academic achievement, behaviour and attendance.

To help NCC understand the initial level of interest amongst schools, we are seeking consultants with professional experience of School Improvement to approach the schools proactively and “sell” the work in the first six weeks of the pilot without committing to recruiting people for 12 months. To ensure the best chance of success the consultants need to be familiar with the school environment and to be able to communicate with schools using language and context that the school heads are comfortable with.

If this stage generates enough interest from schools we will recruit to up to three posts of “Healthy Schools Adviser” for the pilot period starting in September 2014.

The consultants will:
• Proactively approach Northamptonshire’s primary schools to influence their Senior Management Team to prioritise the Health Schools initiative.
• Promote the benefits of the Healthy Schools initiative to all primary schools in Northamptonshire to raise awareness of the benefits.
• Create, develop and promote a set of planning templates for primary schools to use.
• Support primary schools that have joined in preparing their Healthy Schools Action Plan, to ensure their plans are complete, effective and deliverable.
• Proactively signpost primary schools to NCC services, and to other organisations, that can provide support services.
• Cross-promote other services, specifically Northamptonshire Sport’s School Sports Managers and the School Nursing Service, providing a unified contact point for schools.
• Promote the Healthy Schools initiative within NCC and related organisations (such as boroughs and districts, third sector, or private sector) to encourage them to provide tailored services to primary schools.

The consultants will have a degree or equivalent professional qualification and extensive post-graduate experience in school improvement.

The consultants will have a strong understanding of the national and local policies and issues relating to child health and/or to education provision.

The consultants will have a detailed understanding of the regulatory environment in education and be able to understand the issues from the schools’ perspective.

Through the National Child Measurement Programme, reception and year 6 children and weighed and measured to give BMI figures. These figures are not reported particularly quickly so are little use for evaluating this pilot.

We are currently seeking quotations for research and evaluation work. We expect the evaluation will be based on quantitative and qualitative research before, during and after the pilot around children’s and/or parents’ attitudes to activity levels and nutrition, as well as levels of activity.

Success will be evidenced by increased physical activity and identified positive changes in behaviour around nutrition and healthy eating.

Please submit a quotation for a daily rate for consultancy services as described above, for six weeks’ work. Your quotation should include clear evidence of how your qualifications and experience match the profile described above.

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21 May 2014

5 days


23 May 2014

7 days


Northamptonshire County Council
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