Contacting the Government Legal Department

Contacting the Government Legal Department

Means of contact for the Government Legal Department during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Contact the Government Legal Department electronically

The service of new legal proceedings should be via email.

Due to the current national situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government Legal Department (GLD) would appreciate any documentation being sent by e-mail rather than by post to avoid handling of materials.

GLD would strongly prefer electronic service of new legal proceedings in the UK that are required to be served on the Treasury Solicitor.

New Legal Proceedings in the UK which are required to be served on the Treasury solicitor can be served as follows:

By email at:

For new immigration proceedings i.e.:

  • Immigration High Court judicial reviews
  • Immigration habeas corpus applications
  • Immigration family court proceedings
  • Appeals to the Court of Appeal challenging Immigration Upper Tribunal Appeal decisions

Please email

For immigration judicial reviews:

Immigration judicial reviews issued in the Immigration Upper Tribunal should be served on the Home Office.

Correspondence which would normally be sent to Caxton House may, for the duration of the current emergency only, be emailed to

The email addresses above are for the service of new proceedings only: any other correspondence addressed to it will be deleted unread. For all proceedings (including in the Supreme Court) once a GLD case officer has been allocated the case all subsequent service should be effected on their, or any nominated successor’s, GLD email address. Where you have served by email please do not send hard copy duplicates of any documents.


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