Contract for Business Development Programme – Mini MBA

Contract for Business Development Programme – Mini MBA

We are looking for a provider to supply us with a business development programme (mini MBA) for groups of 5-10 senior managers.


Mini MBA
Awarding body Northamptonshire County Council

Est. Start Date: 01/09/2013
Est. End Date: 31/03/2014


We are looking for a provider to supply us with a business development programme (mini MBA) for groups of 5-10 senior managers.

This is to provide knowledge and skills development for senior managers within different Directorates of the County Council and Local Government Shared Service, working in a commercial environment.

We envisage this to be a 4 day intervention which may be run as 4 consecutive days or may be spread over a period of 4/5 months with a ‘project’ assignment (e.g. a service strategy, finance plan, change/improvement plan) to be completed prior to a follow up day approximately 6-8 weeks later.

The content should include business strategy, leading strategic change, competitive marketing and financial management.

The core programme would need to be tailored slightly to the services of the senior managers attending each cohort, for example Adult Social Care. It should also reflect the challenges each cohort currently faces. Directors for service areas may also set specific projects or tasks for the cohorts to collectively apply their learning to and the outline programme should demonstrate sufficient flexibility to accommodate this request.

We are keen to procure a programme which may be run 2 or 3 times during 2013/14 and are looking for supplier to provide details of:

• The capability of the trainer(s) who would deliver the programme e.g. CVs
• Capacity to deliver the programmes in the next 12 months and availability of trainers
• an outline programme covering the 5 days
• an example of a handout/course materials
• Any on-line access to research and sources of further information
• Capacity to provide telephone/remote support or supervision so that the cohort complete the assignment in time for the follow up day.
• fully inclusive costs

Please not that this advert will no longer be accessiable as for the document request deadline. please make sure you make a copy of this advery and any associated documents before this date.


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5 July 2013

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