Contract for Fire Safety Works

Contract for Fire Safety Works

The Council of London Borough of Ealing wishes to appoint two contractors for the Fire Safety Phase 2 Works Contract.

Opportunity Id
Fire Safety Works Phase II Contract 1044
35000000-4 – Security, fire-fighting, police and defence equipment
44000000-0 – Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
45000000-7 – Construction work
50000000-5 – Repair and maintenance services
51000000-9 – Installation services (except software)
71000000-8 – Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
The Council of London Borough of Ealing wishes to appoint two contractors for the Fire Safety Phase 2 Works Contract. The successful tenderer who scores highest in the tender evaluation will be allocated their preferred area/ward and the second most successful tenderer in the evaluation will be allocated the other area/ward. A Contractor will only be appointed to one area/ward and not both. The expected value of each contract will be approximately £1m per annum i.e. a total spend of £2m per annum for both areas/wards. The borough will be split into two areas/wards with roughly equal numbers of blocks requiring fire safety works. The East area comprises W3, W4, W5, W7, W13 and NW10 postcodes. The West comprises UB1, UB2, UB5, UB6, HA0, HA4 and a small number of BN25 postcodes. Fire Safety Works, including Passive Fire Protection, supply and installation of communal fire doorsets on escape routes – the integrity of the fire door shall be proven to be FD30s by compliance with BS 476-31.1 or BS EN 1634-3 Supply and Installation of entrance doorsets to individual flats – the integrity of the fire door shall be proven to be FD30s by compliance with BS 476-31.1 or BS EN 1634-3. Replacement glazing in areas where fire upgrading is required – all glass installed shall be tested to BS EN 13501-2:2007, Surveying of ventilation ductwork and carrying out associated remedial works. Fire stopping in service risers, bin chutes etc. Class ‘O’ decorations in communal circulation areas. Supply and installation of appropriate directional and warning signage. These works will be to all Blocks owned and managed by the Council including but not exclusive to; flats and maisonettes within high, medium and low rise residential developments, hostels and sheltered housing schemes. All works must comply with current building and fire regulations at the time of installation. This is a contact for 4 years commencing 13th May 2016. With an option to extend by up to 2 further years at the Council’s sole discretion. There are approximately 1250 blocks in the whole borough in communal blocks that is estimated that all will require some form of Fire Safety Works. The annual value is approximately 2 000 000GBP per annum for the life of the Contract. The Employer does not warrant or guarantee any level of works. Some of the stock is within areas identified for regeneration and development, this is likely to mean that there will be some reduction in the overall number of blocks during the life of the Contract. Estimated Maximum Value of the life of the Contract inclusive of extensions would be 12,0000GBP Excluding VAT for the proposed standard term of a 4 year Contract plus extension. If the Contract is extended it would be for the potential extension by up to 2 further years at Council’s discretion. Parent Company Guarantee A parent company guarantee may be required for this contract. Where the value of the contract is over 5, 000, 000 GBP, the Council shall require a Parent Company Guarantee from the Contractor in the form provided in the tender documents. Performance Bond A bond may be required if the winning contractor does not have a parent company, or if the Council’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO) or the Director of Corporate Finance does not approve the parent company. The Contractor shall be required by the Employer to provide a performance bond in the form provided in the tender documents from an approved Banking or Insurance Company to the extent or value of 10% (Ten Percent) of the Contract Value, effective from the date of signing and sealing the Contract until Practical Completion and Final Account is issued. The Contractor in such cases is to allow for the cost of obtaining such bond where provided on the Final Summary, although he need not specifically arrange the surety or guarantor unless and until his Tender shall have been accepted by the Employer. If the Employer decides that the provision of a surety or guarantor is not required, then this item will be deleted and the Tender Figure reduced accordingly. The Employer reserves the right to request a Bond or Parent Company Guarantee even if the contract value is less than 5,000,000 GBP if the Employer decides to do so the Contractor will be informed of this before the date for submission of tenders. The form of contract for the works will be the JCT MTC 2011 Contract incorporating the Council’s project specific amendments. Candidates must pass the “Pass/Fail” aspects of the PQQ and we envisage that between 5 and 10 of the highest scoring candidates will then be formally invited to participate at the Tender Stage of the procurement process which will then be awarded to two contractors for the most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated in the specifications, in the invitation to tender or to negotiate or in the descriptive document This contract is being run through Ealing Council’s e-procurement system (ProContract). All of the information and documentation relating to this contract will be stored online in ProContract. All expressions of interest / requests for information / tender submissions should be made via ProContract. To do this you will need to register at the web address below and then express an interest in this opportunity. You will then be able to obtain all relevant information / send any requests you have / submit your proposal via the system.
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Fire Safety

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From 04/12/2015 10:55 to 11/01/2016 12:00

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