Contract for Water Risk Assessment Services in Chesterfield

Contract for Water Risk Assessment Services in Chesterfield

The AE will be appointed by CRH with a brief to provide services in accordance with Health Technical Memoranda (HTM 00 and 04-01, all parts) guidance.


Water Safety Authorising Engineer and Water Risk Assessment Services

Awarding body Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

EST. START DATE: 01/07/2016
EST. END DATE: 01/07/2018


Chesterfield Royal Hospital “CRH” is seeking a competitive tender for the services of Authorising Engineer (Water) in accordance with the following specifications. Attention is drawn to the use of the terminology “CRH” throughout this specification.
The appointment of Authorising Engineers (Water) would be subject to satisfactory performance and review after each year of the contract.

General job description

The AE (Water) will act as an independent professional advisor to CRH. The AE will be appointed by CRH with a brief to provide services in accordance with Health Technical Memoranda (HTM 00 and 04-01, all parts) guidance, COSHH and L8. This may vary in accordance with the specialist service being supported.

The Authorising Engineer (Water) should be suitably qualified for this discipline, with Chartered Engineer (CEng) status and or with at least ten years’ experience in healthcare and having completed an accredited AE foundation course. The organisation providing the service shall abide by the Code of Conduct published by The Legionella Control Association and the AE will be expected to be registered with IHEEM or plan to be registered within the first year of the contract.

This person will have specialist knowledge of hospital hot and cold water services installations including incoming supplies, firefighting services, wet risers, etc., and, in particular, these installations for which an Authorised Person (Water) will assume responsibility on appointment. He/She acts independently of CRH management submitting potential Authorised Persons (Water) for assessment.

The AE (Water) will act as assessor and make recommendations regarding suitability in terms of skills and training for the appointment of Authorised Persons (AP) selected by Estates Management, monitor the performance of the service, and provide an annual audit to the Designated Person (DP) and where required responsible person and deputies. To carry out this role effectively, particularly with regard to audit, it is necessary that the AE (Water) remains independent of the operational structure of CRH and can feel free to comment on the number and adequacy of APs proposed by CRH. Familiarity with systems, health & safety issues and statutory requirements is seen essential.

The AE (Water) shall overview CRH Water Safety (or Legionella) Risk Assessments drawn up following BS 8580 and associated Written Schemes and Schematic and Layout Drawings for each Water System. This will involve highlighting considerations to the CRH Water Safety Group for:

A. Contamination;
B. Amplification;
C. Transmission;
D. Exposure;
E. Host susceptibility;
F. Operational history;
G. New and emerging technologies;
H. Drinking water quality.
I. Actions necessary to comply with ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable)

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Open Tender
Option to extend 2 + 2 Years
Category Water,
CPV codes 45000000,
Suitable for SME YES


27 April 2016

11 days


4 May 2016

18 days


2 + 2 Years


Procurement on behalf of Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Zoey Henchliffe
01246 513567

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