Contract Opportunity for the Supply and Maintenance of Compact Sweeper

Contract Opportunity for the Supply and Maintenance of Compact Sweeper
This Invitation to Tender is for ‘the purchase of a compact sweeper with maintenance support’.

Those Contractors who are unable to demonstrate the relevant experience and track record are unlikely to be successful.

The council are looking to purchase outright the vehicle and purchase a full warranty, servicing and repairs contract for 3 years.

Intended Use of Machine
This compact sweeper will be used predominantly in cleaning of council’s streets, lanes, car parks and pavements, where it will be required to clear leaves and loose vegetation, broken glass and other waste materials, also excess stone and gravel from new roadwork’s and existing uneven road surfaces. It is expected that this truck will be required to work up to ten hours per day.

This truck will be expected to work on local type council roads but also at times be required to travel on the highway and it is therefore important that it is capable of highway speeds. It will also be required to gain access into narrow lanes and streets and turn in tight conditions; hence the truck’s manoeuvrability is also important. The ability of the operator to have clear visibility will also be important. Capability to climb roadside kerbing comfortably is essential. The truck / sweeper shall be required to be delivered as a complete unit from one supplier to Broxtowe Borough Council.

Deadline for responses is 12 Noon on the 24th February 2012.