Cornwall Geothermal Study

Cornwall Geothermal Study

eep Geothermal in Cornwall – Options Study

Deep Geothermal in Cornwall – Options Study
Organisation Name: Cornwall Council
Department: Environment, Planning & Economy
Reference Number: JB2
Expression of Interest Deadline: N/A
Tender Deadline: 02/05/2012
Contract Type: Service
Contract Size: 10-20K
Short Description: Cornwall Council seeks to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced specialist individual or consultancy organisation to produce a detailed options study to inform Cornwall Council of the business models, investment, and partnership options relating specifically to the delivery of deep geothermal energy in Cornwall.
The outputs from this study will be used as a basis for decision-making regarding European, and other public sector investment into the sector. Cornwall Council is keen to support this emerging sector as a long term investment into the knowledge economy, and renewable energy generation aspirations of the County. The Council would like to explore the potential for deep geothermal to grow clusters of businesses and its potential to meet both local and national renewable energy aspirations.
The Council has up to £20K, ex VAT, available to fund this commission which will need to be quality led both in terms of the initial evaluation of the bids submitted for this work and the finished study which will be required to be easily accessible to a wide ranging audience. Please download and read the document below headed ‘Background Information’ that further establishes the context of and rationale for this important study.
ProcessThe first step will be interested organisations to submit an 3 page brief/tender outlining how they will approach this study, relevant experience, timescales and a cost breakdown. Following this, one organisation will be selected to undertake the study as outlined above in the Detailed Description section. Submissions to be received by 14:00 on 2/5/12.
Detailed Description: Cornwall Council wishes to understand how European e.g. Convergence, and /or other public sector funding, could invest in the development of Deep Geothermal Energy in Cornwall to support the development of the industry within the County.

The section below outlines the key tasks to be undertaken with an approximate percentage of the project activity in each case;

Specifically, the consultants will be required to:

1.Undertake an analytical examination of the technical, policy and commercial barriers to development of the industry in Cornwall and identify all companies involved in the deep geothermal industry in Cornwall (20%);

2.Develop a strategy to address these barriers and accelerate delivery of Deep Geothermal investment in Cornwall which assumes Convergence and / or other current and future public sector financial contribution to the development (60%);

The strategy must consider options for public sector investment; for example, whether the investment should support drilling, heat network development and / or supply infrastructure, an amalgamation of the above, and / or any other options.

Each option should clearly identify:

o What would be invested in;
o The minimum investment value necessary to support the option;
o The mechanism of investment, i.e. joint venture arrangements or grant etc;
o Investment timescales i.e. when funding is needed;
o Where the funding should come from e.g. Convergence / next EU programme / Cornwall Council / a mixture
o The potential return on the investment to the public sector, in terms of economic outputs (jobs, skills, GVA)
o Any legal constraints, such as the Local Government Act, procurement issues and State Aid which could have a bearing on the level of public sector intervention;
o The Risk Profile;

3.Explore the potential drivers for a Geothermal Enterprise Zone in Cornwall (20%) e.g.;
o Pilot licensing scheme
o RHI / RoC’s / heat grids etc

A report must be submitted which clearly details all the work undertaken under sections 1, 2 and 3 above and the associated findings. This report will conclude with the identification of the most appropriate public sector intervention and an associated investment programme, which will clearly set out the key stages and steps to be undertaken by the public sector.

Depending on the study conclusion, additional tasks may be required, such as the identification of independent technical experts to assist with commissioning.

Detailed Description Bullet Points: 
  • Other Information Required Equality and Diversity Cornwall Council is committed to providing its services in a way which promotes equality of opportunity at every possibility. It is expected that the successful applicant will be equally committed to equality and diversity in its service provision and will ensure compliance with all anti-discrimination legislation. Your equality and diversity policies/practices are requested to ensure compliance with this. Environmental Sustainability Cornwall Council is committed to sustainable development and the promotion of good environmental management. It is expected that the successful applicant will be committed to a process of improvement with regards to environmental issues. Your environmental sustainability policies/practices are requested to ensure compliance with this. Insurance Tenderers are required to submit copies of their current Professional Indemnity Insurance cover with their tender submission. The required level of cover is expected to be at least £500K. This submission should be sent in an unmarked envelope but bearing the reference JB1 to:- Mrs Janet Bowen Economic Development Cornwall Council Room A3.16 Carrick House Pydar Street Truro TR1 1EB Any queries should be directed to Janet Bowen by email only to The successful applicant will be subject to the standard contract terms and conditions of Cornwall Council
  • a copy of which is available on request. If you would like this information on audio tape
  • in Braille
  • large print
  • any other format or interpreted in a language other than English
  • please contact Mrs Janet Bowen Room A3.16 Carrick House Pydar Street Truro TR1 1EB
Relevant Documents:
Approximate Start Date: 08/05/2012
Approximate End Date: 19/06/2012
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