Corporate Systems Solutions Marketplace Analysis – Invitation to Tender

Corporate Systems Solutions Marketplace Analysis – Invitation to Tender

JNCC is looking to replace its overall Corporate Systems by April 2023.

Corporate Systems Solutions Marketplace Analysis

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  • Enterprise resource planning software package – 48451000
  • IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support – 72000000

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East of England

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16 December 2021

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12 January 2022

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17 January 2022

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30 March 2022

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Service contract

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Open (non-OJEU)

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JNCC is looking to replace its overall Corporate Systems by April 2023. This is to strengthen corporate planning, reporting and audit processes and to bring them in line with the Agency’s needs. Resource availability and planning processes are the focus of JNCCs development priorities in this area.
This project is the second stage in the replacement process and aims to take the organisational needs captured in the first stage of this project, use these to analyse potential solutions available in the marketplace, and then make an unbiased recommendation for the best fit to JNCCs requirements.
The successful Contractor is expected, assisted by the JNCC Digital and Data Solutions team, to investigate the marketplace for potential solutions, perform an analysis of those solutions against JNCC’s requirements, captured in the previous phase as user stories and recommend a best fit to JNCC for solution providers to tender against. This is part of a wider programme to modernise and strengthen JNCC’s information management systems.
It is expected that the successful Contractor will be able to demonstrate both depth and breadth of knowledge of suitable solutions and technologies, and to be able to make an unbiased recommendation for a solution that meets JNCCs needs.
If interested in this project potential bidders are invited to download the following documents and complete the acceptance form of our terms and conditions attached to the invitation to tender letter (ITT).

• Invitation to Tender letter (ITT) – Proforma Form to be completed
• Instructions for Tenderers (submission of bids) PS4a
• Annex A
• JNCC Corporate Services Requirements
• JNCC General terms and conditions
• JNCC Quality Assurance Policy
• T&S rates (if applicable to this contract)


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You are invited by JNCC Support Co (JNCC) to submit a tender for the supply of works or services required under the above project. If interested, you should download and carefully read the documents contained within the zip file in particular the documents filename Annex A and JNCC Corporate System Replacement Requirements.


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Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.


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